True Wing

Key events

Shining acknowledges that STARISH have rejected the seniors he provided for them and allows them to go it alone. But he warns them not to fade away so easily and encourages them to go for an award known as the Uta Pri award which should open many doors for them into becoming bigger idols.

The members of STARISH find out that it takes a lot to win the Uta Pri award, individual actions as well as their singing and performances all need to be good.

Syo is involved in a popular series doing some acting. But he fails a huge jump on a very high platform in an important scene and his confidence suffers. He keeps training and trying but fails repeatedly.

Nanami somehow finds herself on top of the high platform whilst delivering Syo’s bag to him. She’s afraid of heights and slips but manages to cling onto the ledge. Syo makes the jump finally with no safety gear and saves her.

The show ends up a great success.


I don’t see how Haruka ended up so high in the first place, when you enter a set surely you don’t look for the highest location and think, yep the guy I’m looking for has to be there. You’ve got to be a complete klutz to get lost and find your way up there. Probably one of the most unbelievable scenes I’ve seen. Though I can’t say I didn’t see the cliché scene coming up with all the signs pointing to it. Was also a very shounen scene too I thought, or was that just me.

Also isn’t Shining being a bit too lenient on STARISH. Just because they don’t like their seniors he’ll let them do as they wish? I mean, sure maybe going alone is the best way, but he should at least force them to see what their seniors have to offer in terms of advice, experience and training first before letting them decide. Because I for one see it as pure arrogance to reject your seniors straight away, even if they’re arrogant, because they have more right to be that you. It also takes Quartet Night out of the picture, which is a shame because I was hoping to see more from them, in terms of songs, I never saw the full version of Poison Kiss, I quite liked what I saw.

Now into the second season we can see that the name of the anime wasn’t just a description of the characters, but rather an important award in the series. This award relies on individual efforts as well as the group in total, which may explain why the anime seems like it’s focusing on individuals now. This episode was very Syo focused, not sure if it’s a one off single person focused episode, would be unfair to the other STARISH members if it was.

So yeah, that’s how I believe the season will continue, more individual focused episodes showing everyone’s successes and why they deserve that uta pri award. Either that, or a lot of training or doing things together to become better as a team and as an idol group. Has to be one or the other, or both. That would be better.