Argh… alright, I give. This is a so-called “lazy SOTW” this week.

I was thinking “Hey, the new ZEXAL II ED is bloody addictive, I should blog it again” but alas, the full version isn’t released until mid-May. So, and here comes the lazy part, I’ll blog ‘Setsubou no FREESIA’ again, my favourite ZEXAL ED overall.

Now, let me just comment that I realise some people may have fallen out of love with Yu-Gi-Oh! when the original series ended. Yes, I agree, GX was fairly bad. The only good things about it were the introduction of Yubel (my favourite monster in the game), the OP and ED themes, and season 4 (which “amazingly” didn’t get dubbed for that exact reason).

But, then 5D’s came along, which seems to split fans. I, personally, found 5D’s better than the original as it was aimed toward teenagers who had grown up with Yu-Gi-Oh!. Of course, the dub ignored that fact and dubbed it badly, which is why I recommend watching the subbed version. It really is a nice big furnace of despair for most of the series, which is always a plus for a good story.

Now, onto ZEXAL and ZEXAL II. I myself never gave this series much when it started, but with the introduction of new characters, new cards and the greatest Yu-Gi-Oh! villain of all time in Vector, I’ve found that I hate myself for loving this series. So, what I’m trying to say is, don’t overlook it just because Yuugi isn’t there anymore.

Anyway. The song. It’s by DaizyStripper, another visual kei band. And, if you know and like visual kei, you’ll know that if you like one band, you’ll probably like all the others. And why not? It’s a pretty good song.


TV Version


Full Version