Hidden Fighting Spirit

Key events

The VF school championship finally kicks off. Everyone’s getting serious, even Morikawa’s going to cut himself off from Kourin this one time.

Hitsue will face Miyaji in the first team duel and the first match is Kai vs Komoi. And as you would expect, Kai wins easily. Taishi and Misaki go up next and Misaki wins a close game against a serious Taishi.

So with 1 loss and 1 win, the next mach will decide who progresses beyond the elimination round with Izaki playing Aichi.


Unsurprisingly Miyaji is up first, but what is surprising is that they face Hitsue so soon. I don’t know how many episodes this season is, but it seems too early to take Kai out of the picture, assuming Aichi gets through the elimination which he should do. I was expecting a relaxing-ish episode as the stronger teams face some unknown teams and all clear through to the final matches next episode where they would start facing each other. I also expected to see Team Handsome make a return but not seen a sign of them yet.

Annoying thing was that the duels were skipped over as well meaning that whichever team gets knocked out here won’t be seen playing full duels this season. That’s if the tournament is the focus of this season. If not, then I’d expect Kai to be involved in some big duel later. And Kamui too, seeing as he won’t be able to compete in this tournament at all.

Drawing lots sure isn’t the best of strategies, they’re up against a strongish opponent and they’re risking their chances of winning by drawing lots. Bad idea sending Komoi up first, that pretty much guarantees Hitsue a win, especially when they put Kai up first. I think their strategy was to win fast by sending the strongest up first. Then again, drawing lots can throw your opponent’s off guard and I suppose it’s only fair they should give Komoi and Ishida a chance to play even if they’re the two weakest. There’s no guarantee that Aichi/Misaki/Kourin can win against Kai anyway. So they may as well lose that match and still give the two less able members a go. I’m sure Kai will play Aichi at some later date.

However, let’s not count out Hitsue just yet, maybe they have some secret strategy with Izaki having left him to last. Though logically he is better than Morikawa so they would choose him to play. In any case, it’s hard to see Aichi losing to Izaki, so I think it’s safe to assume Miyaji moves on and will more than likely face Ren’s team in the final.

They showed a fair few cards from the 11th booster pack that came out a few days ago. And I think that’s what they’re planning to do with Izaki as new Tachikaze’s were released. So I’m expecting to see the Ancient Dragon archetype next episode.

Note: Apologies for the late blog, was injured badly on Sunday during a run and had to go to the doctors. Been told I can’t run for 3 months, so been kinda sad for a few days and decided to take a break from blogging. But I’m back now, recovered a bit and will keep going.