Monday of Upheaval – III

Key Events

The second septentrione, Merak, appears so Yamato tells everyone to back off, leave Keita and get ready. Merak is after Osaka’s barrier and they must stop it.

Hibiki stands as the final line of defense. The first line of their human ‘wall’ is annihilated in seconds. More people are killed by a massive ice attack from Merak that shuts out communications.

Unable to stand seeing more people die, Hibiki heads out to the front line. He couldn’t do more than a few scratches to Merak and causes everyone around him to die as well by protecting him as Merak aims for him.

Alcor, Yamato’s old friend greets Hibiki but Hibiki moves off after a few words as he hears Io is going to be the last line of defense in his place.

As Merak approaches, Io summons out her new demon, Kikuri-hime. It isn’t able to beat it, but Hibiki arrives as Merak charges up a final attack and kills it when it was distracted.

Kuriki Ronaldo shows himself to Hibiki next after breaching JP’s Nagoya Branch.


Hinako’s not dead right…? I think she’s just tired and having a nice sleep. Would be pretty depressing if the only other characters introduced so far alongside the main characters as summoners died in the first few episodes. So I think Hinako is alive, if she’s dead she would’ve died when that attack hit them.

The end of the septentrione fight was a little anti climatic. I was expecting the thing to blow up not slowly dissolve. But nonetheless it was a good battle and the tension and sense of urgency created was a good match to the hopelessness of the situation. As always though the hero made it in time to save the day, unfortunately he’s now whisked away by a new character.

Shame that Daichi’s still useless, it’s a miracle he survived the fight but maybe it would’ve be better if he hadn’t. I don’t say that as I dislike the guy, I’m only saying that because Daichi’s too scared and with his scaredy cat talk he can easily affect the ‘troop’s’ morale. An army can still fight and win a losing battle, chances are low but with the right discipline and strategy even an army outnumbered 5 to 1 can still come out on top, like Cao Cao in the battle of Guan Du. Yeah I like putting some Romance of the Three Kingdoms references in. But my point is, once your army’s morale is gone and the troops don’t have the will to fight, then it’s over. I’m not saying it’s Daichi fault, though it is, but I understand that he’s just a child and having seen everyone die it’s natural to want to save yourself and your friends. But if he doesn’t have the discipline to stand straight in the face of adversity then he shouldn’t be there at all. He shouldn’t have been given this power that can help people if he’s just going to run for his life.

Daichi’s constant whining caused Hibiki to charge out blindly to the enemy as well. Before Daichi’s call, Hibiki, although he did want to head out, was still very composed. But fueled by Daichi’s cries he did head out into danger and that could’ve been the end of the world if he died there. I don’t know how many ‘sacrifices’ JP’s had, but that would’ve all been for nothing if Hibiki carelessly gave his life away due to his scaredy cat friend. Again I don’t blame any of them, it’s a normal reaction. I agree with Yamato on his decisions, can’t face an enemy unless you know what its capable of and how to counter it. If sacrifices are what’s needed then so be it, sacrifice maybe a few hundred, but you end up saving billions and the world, hopefully. Otherwise everyone dies. Reminds me of Watchmen if anyone’s read it or seen the film, utilitarianism at its best. But of course, I’m not sure you can expect a child to see that side of things. He will only see death, and either want to do something drastic about it, or run away rather than think rationally about the next move to make. Both cases were true this time.

But anyway, it was still another good action packed episode that progressed the story nicely. Definitely a good start to the anime, one that I’ll be sticking with this season unlike 2 others. I couldn’t get into Dansai or Karneval and decided to drop both but the rest, which you can see on the author’s watchlist, I am still keeping up with. By how slow the days seem to be passing I was expecting this series to be 20+episodes but sources tell me otherwise and it’s only a 13 episode series. However if every episode is as good as the last 4, I can’t complain. Hopefully they won’t be rushing anything.

I was thinking, if all Septentriones are as powerful as this, JP’s should be out of ‘troops’ in no time. I’m expecting other main characters to come along with powerful demons as well, as they can’t always depend on Hibiki, and they won’t win with just him anyway. Io does have a new powerful demon though, looks like it’ll team up nicely with Hibiki once he returns, or if he returns, from Ronaldo. Wonder if she bought it at the auction, which as you know I wanted to see, but I didn’t again, if she did get it from there. Although if she did, that would mean there’s a chance for Daichi to ‘power up’ from the auction too, maybe.

New characters like this Ronaldo guy may also have the powerful demons that I’m talking about. However I’m sure we’re all more interested in what he has to say about Yamato. Some dark secrets about the guy perhaps? But even so, from what I see they’re on the same side so surely they’ll work together at some point in the story right?

And again I’m still wondering about this Alcor guy. He pops up everywhere like some sort of observer. From what I’ve seen, he just seems to be the neutral guy that likes to be everywhere. But I’m sure he has a purpose in this, perhaps it is to guide? Or the complete opposite, to disrupt?

In anyway case, looks like a lot of new characters introduced next episode and we can see what Ronaldo has to say. A different perspective of how to save the world I think. And with that day 1 finally ends. Been a long day indeed.