Been listening to a lot of Supercell lately, I find her singing with the acoustic guitar quite relaxing to listen to. I know some people don’t like nasally voices, but I love them when it comes to singing, don’t like people talking in nasally voices, sometimes too difficult to understand. So, whilst this song is not strictly an anime song, it is in the same single as one and that’s enough relation for me to post it here. Here is ‘She is my senior’ by Supercell.

Another song I really like from Supercell is Lillemor, another one with the guitar. I definitely think she suits this slow, calm and relaxing type of songs more than the others she sing. I would say more about the single, but I don’t know that much as the single is ‘The Bravery’ which was the second ED theme to Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. Something I’ve never seen so I can’t say much about it. However I will end this on a bit of trivia, my most played song, according to itunes, Light My Fire by Kotoko was written by Ryo the lead songwriter of Supercell.