A Man’s Guts

Key Events

Izaki, with no previous tournament experience will face a very experienced Aichi. However Izaki has received a lot of training from Kai and the others.

Izaki drives Aichi into a corner making him use up his entire hand to guard an attack. But Aichi draws Blaster Blade and wins through a ‘well timed’ trigger. They receive a round of applause.

Only two teams remain, Fukuhara and Miyaji.


Yep as expected, the Ancient Dragon archetype came out for Izaki. Though nothing amazing, from what I see, it’s just catching up with the rest of the clans by giving the clan a break ride unit and a somewhat powerful limit break unit that can be used in combo. I say somewhat powerful because Tyrannolegend’s ability is pretty much Phantom Blaster Dragon’s ability but with more restrictions on what can be retired. Sure it has that +5k attack boost as well but I think the fact that it’s restricted to its own archetype and the fact that the first ability is a limit break is enough to make it equal to Phantom Blaster Dragon. However this is a Tachikaze so retiring rear guards is more of a positive than negative in which case the clan wins the card over. Maybe I’m expecting too much from cards these days, in all fairness it’s a good card especially if you can get the full combo, which if you’re running an Ancient Dragon deck you should be able to.

Just a shame the deck was used by Izaki as he was going to lose. But at least they’re bringing in the minor characters more. I was hoping for a trigger for Izaki to make things interesting as Aichi probably would’ve got a heal trigger then. That would’ve been even closer for Izaki and more dramatic of a finish. But oh well, he came close enough and we now move very swiftly onto the final match with Miyaji vs Fukuhara. The two teams that we all knew would be the finalists.

Well, the regionals sure went by quickly. With how they dragged out the build up to the tournament you’d think they’d stretch it a bit more. But the next three duels, probably will be three as I don’t see either side getting a 2-0, may be dragged out more than the last three duels. Was still hoping to see some more teams but perhaps it’s too early in the competition and we’ll see stronger teams in the main event. More than just SIT and Dreadnought hopefully.