Orange Rhapsody

Key events

Ren is invited to participate in a fashion show. But he isn’t happy as he’s being pushed into it by his family’s company. However he’s not going to refuse as he’s got another goal he’s working towards.

Everyone goes to the fashion show to see Ren ‘perform’. However something goes wrong with the power and all the lights including the PA system are knocked out.

Ren wants to calm the situation and shouts out some messages that Haruka took as he wants to sing. He grabs a disc that was Ren’s song to her and with Ren’s brother’s help, they get it into the control room to play to the crowds. And Ren sings his song to save the show.

At the end of the day Ren makes up with his older brother as well as he’s told that his brother’s always loved his songs and always been behind him.


Ren’s story this time and I’m not sure if it was said last season that he’s from a rich family. I think I actually do remember Ren talking about not wanting to be there because he was forced by his brother. Or that might be me making things up… either way, we now know the story if we didn’t, and if we did it’s a good reminder.

So I’ll comment on it as if it’s the first time I’ve heard of this. At least the rich Ren hasn’t turned out to be the uppity type. Though he’s the rich type of guy who’s being used by the family and he wants to be rebellious against the family. Quite rightly so he doesn’t want to be used, but he should understand that he is successful and is having ‘fun’ at the moment. He may have been forced into it, but looks like big brother knows best and he’s pretty comfortable with everything. Sure his company gets a lot out of this but so does he, I’d say it’s mutually beneficial and he probably understands that. Perhaps he may feel that everything so far hasn’t been his own doing so maybe the satisfaction isn’t there, quite understandable at his age he wants to do his own thing. However he was pushed in the right direction.

That is the only big talking point of the episode. Apart from that there were only small things like how could anyone hear Ren shout in that huge place. Especially when the PA system was apparently down, yet they still managed to play music out. Though I suppose the PA system and CD player doesn’t have to be linked. But if Ren can sing then surely he could’ve said something about the situation. Too unrealistic. And Ren’s brother’s running was the most over exaggerated running I’ve seen. What was with that tripping up and that weird shiny thing from putting the CD into the player. So many things wrong there. But at least it was a good laugh.

Whatever caused the unrealistic problem did Ren a huge favour as his family problems are sorta sorted now. He knows that everything was to benefit him as well. He can now work slowly towards his new ‘goal’. This season does seem to be turning into a ‘how Haruka saved/brightened my life’ show. Though that’s fine as I always find reverse harems never put enough emphasis on the ‘main’ character. Can’t complain here, even though the focus are on the guys, the girl is always a big part of the guy, which I think makes up for it.