Tuesday of Turbulence I

Key Events:

A team from JP’s will infiltrate the Nagoya branch that was just taken over by Ronaldo, Daichi and Io sneak on board. As they’re about to get off the train they receive a death video of Hibiki.

Yamato has a new phone made for him.

We jump to Nagoya and meet two new characters, Jungo who looks to be a calm, quiet guy and Airi a happy go lucky, vocal, red haired girl. They are on JP’s side but do question Yamato.

Daichi and Io visit the war stricken zones of Nagoya where the civilians are handling themselves fine. But demons attack. However there are too many and Hibiki appears with a new demon Suzaku to clean up. Hibiki leaves and Io and Daichi try to follow.

Ronaldo meet with Nagoya branch members. He knows about Septentrione but believes that Yamato will become the leader of a new world after destroying them. Ronaldo did investigations into Yamato and opposed him. He’s seen the sacrifices Yamato makes and can’t accept a new world he makes.

Hibiki meets another guy called Joe who lost his girlfriend but seems to be putting up a brave face.

Ronaldo leads Hibiki to his temporary command centre. The next Septentrione will appear in Nagoya and to make themselves known he wants to be the force that takes it out.

Back story showing how powerful Yamato was at a young age making him arrogant and emotionless as he saw anyone with no talent as useless. That’s also the time when he first met Alcor. Back to current times, Yamato heads off as he also receives a death video of Hibiki.


A calmish episode compared with the others so far and expected as much. Always good to take a breather to take in what’s happened so far seeing as there’s been so much action in the opening episodes. A perfect time to throw in a bit of backstory as well as the next septentrione nears its arrival.

Albeit short backstory but always good to see nonetheless. We gathered that Yamato was always this stuck up, serious and utilitarian who values talent and nothing else. But that’s to be expected I think, for me it was either that that caused him to be this way, or he was wronged by some useless person that caused a great loss. Though with the amount of people he’s throwing out as sacrifices, I don’t think great losses are in the back of his head at all. Meaning he was probably always like that. He’s received an upgrade this episode as well, a new phone. Don’t know about his old phone, but my guess is they gathered some information from Hibiki and group and put some of that knowledge into his new phone. Though the only thing I know and can think of is the auction system. Does that really help though? He seems to only like Cerberus anyway, I don’t see him using anything else. So I’m probably wrong and they did something else to his phone.

Many more introductions this episode, more than the previous episodes. But a lot more relaxed introductions as they’re not going straight into the battle, instead they’re messing around a bit and showing personality rather than battle prowess. Which certainly suits Airi and Jungo as it brings out their characteristics very well.

Some civilian ‘revolts’, understandably unhappy that they’re not getting provisions or information or help. Civilians need support but at the moment I think it’s quite right that the front line of defence should get the main support. That does risk a rebellion especially in this day and age. Though I don’t think support is the main problem. It’s the lack of information that is. I think, or would like to think, the majority of us can think rationally and when we learn that the entire world population is in trouble then we may be a bit happier to fend for ourselves knowing there could be a tomorrow still if I can just pull through a week and give those in the frontline better provisions.

Gonna go back onto Yamato. I don’t see anything wrong with him being the leader of the ‘new world’ that Ronaldo envisages. From what I see so far, he seems to be a fine leader in that he does what’s necessary and sometimes being like that in tough times is exactly what you need. Not a wishy washy decision maker who wants to protect everyone, that’s unreasonable, undoable and unrealistic. I don’t see Ronaldo having a better way of using people. What else can you do against such overwhelming power that the Septentriones have? What makes Ronaldo so sure he knows the right thing? I don’t believe his idea of rushing into the enemy with your strongest troops will work out, unless you hold phenomenal power, but we all know only Hibiki does. Sometimes sacrifices are necessary and it’s those idealists that need to realize that, sure he can’t accept a world Yamato makes, but if he keeps opposing and stalling their fight against the Septentrione there won’t be a world left, or is he the kind that would rather have no world than a bad world? And also on his equality views, can you say someone is equal if one has the power to realistically save the world whilst another can only get in the way? Either way Ronaldo and Yamato are both using Hibiki as their main attack force, certainly treating him equally…

But yeah, Yamato can be a bit nicer. I think it’s just his attitude that pisses people off, heck it pisses me off as well. You throw people’s lives away and don’t even bat an eye, if he showed more emotion then people may think he cares and may believe that it’s the only thing to do.

Break is over then, back into the fighting next episode.