Tuesday of Turbulence – II

Key Events

Ronaldo and group also has the app that Hibiki uses, which apparently means that their demons are stronger than JP’s. So he’s fully committed to facing an unknown enemy head on.

Daichi and Io get to Hibiki and tell him about the death video. Hibiki refuses to leave knowing that the Septentrione will appear soon. Daichi and Io both decide to stay as well.

Airi and Jungo ‘sneak’ into Nagoya’s branch and draw out Ronaldo and Joe. Their fight is cut short as the Sepntentrione appears in the building. Ronaldo starts his attack but it doesn’t take any damage.

The Septentrione launches a huge electrical attack that takes out the power in the building forcing them to switch to backup. Hibiki shows up with Suzaku and Kikuri-hime manage to damage it.

The Septentrione splits into two and launches a more powerful attack that takes down Suzaku and Kikuri-hime. Hibiki rushes forward to stop a second attack but is hit by a shockwave and loses his phone. The Septentrione’s about to finish him off but Yamato jumps in with Cerberus to finish it off with a power that seems to be able to override a demon’s abilities.

Ronaldo reveals to everyone the person Yamato truly is. Someone who only deems everyone as pawns and thinks the weak has no right to do anything. Hibiki summons out Byakko to oppose Yamato as well.

Alcor then appears and tells Hibiki that Yamato came here because he saw Hibiki’s death clip.


Well look at who’s being a tsundere, have we finally seen Yamato’s soft spot? Or could this be something else like him rescuing Hibiki purely because Hibiki is a vital pawn in his plans? Though with all the ‘weaklings are useless’ talk, it is very uncharacteristic of him to rescue people. You’d expect him to let Hibiki die and say something like ‘you died because you were weak so you’re useless to me’. But, seeing as he has two of the strongest demons so far, maybe he gained Yamato’s respect as he recognizes Hibiki’s strength? Still uncharacteristic, but perhaps not unexplainable, at least more explanations than he has a soft spot for Hibiki, though I don’t deny that possibility either. But he sure hides it very well.

I think after seeing Yamato’s power, Hibiki has realized that following Yamato would be the way to save the world. But he can’t handle the death and sadness, he hasn’t trained himself to be an emotionless terminatoresque robot like Yamato. Which is why we again see that it’s this non-caring attitude that irritates people and it will be Yamato’s downfall if he does ever ‘fall’. Which he sorta did by losing Nagoya, but he got it back. It’s only logical that people don’t like being treated as trash, if you use them and reward them or at least tell them they did well then they’ll be happy. It’s the same with many situations like a job, no one wants a job that they do from 9-5 and are treated as numbers on a spreadsheet and as long as you meet your target you’re fine, if not you’re useless. People want job satisfaction, the feeling that they’ve done something that matters and that they are well looked after. People like rewards to be stand out, to know they’ve done a great job and it was worth it.

I still think Yamato is a great leader, he just needs to gain some emotion, something that can make a great leader on its own. An example is Liu Bei from romance of the three kingdoms, yeah i know, another ROTK reference. But anyway to me out of the 3 kingdom leaders, he was the least like a leader, i.e. he didn’t know what to do, couldn’t really command people, wasn’t decisive, wanted too much and wasn’t realistic. But what he had was emotion, he was a caring person who wanted to look after the people and hence they followed him because they believed what he believes. Talent swarms to him because they saw his vision as their own and wanted to help him achieve a world that cares for each other. He depended so much on everyone but he did it with emotion. I remember one time where a civilian baby died whilst escaping from the enemy on boat and he nearly threw himself overboard in tears. I don’t understand Yamato, surely he can see that a lot of people hate him. Why make the world hate you when you’re trying to save it? It’s not the only way or do you have to keep this strong exterior for some other reason? Is it really worth it? Though I guess he attracts similar expressionless people like Fumi. But you will never truly understand these types of people. Having always been lonely at the top since youth is not something everyone goes through.

So now the big question, will Hibiki turn back to Yamato after figuring out this act of kindness from him? Or will he stay with Ronaldo after seeing Yamato’s power knowing that he probably doesn’t need Hibiki’s power and Hibiki would be more useful to Ronaldo. Or perhaps Yamato will crush the resistance here and now and get rid of Ronaldo. Though if he did that Hibiki definitely wouldn’t join him. Which will he choose?