Challenger Naoki

Key Events

Drawing lots again, Ishida will go first in the next match, then Kourin with Aichi last. The ‘old’ Ren is back as he’s going to use his old deck, the Shadow Paladins.

Naoki learns from his past fight and thinks through things better against Suiko. However he gets stuck in a tricky situation and only breaks out of it when Aichi reminded him of why he started Vanguard. He plays a risky move, and with 2 triggers pulls through to win the duel.

Next up, Asaka vs Kourin.


Of course Ren doesn’t mind one loss, in fact he probably hoped for one loss as he obviously wants to play Aichi in the final match. And we all want to see that match too, the gauntlet was thrown down from Ren and he’s back to his old evil ways perhaps. I’m interested in seeing a possible return of Psyqualia, not been something of interest so far this season. With Ren’s return to shadow paladin, this would be the perfect time to reintroduce it along with a plot device perhaps and new cards to accompany that.

I’ve noticed that Ishida’s not mentioning anything about riding his avatar anymore. If you remember he used to ride his ‘avatar’ every grade, wonder what happened? Matured into the game and less overexcited?

Anyway, there’s no way this match will be a 2-0 to Miyaji, I trust the vanguard creators will allow Ren to play with new Shadow Paladins, so because of that I’m also expecting new pale moons for Asaka to beat Kourin with.

This episode seems to be more about character development for Ishida than anything else. Which is fine, rare to see character development in vanguard. This leaves Miyaji with a nice 1-0 lead and surely boosts Ishida’s confidence. Getting him and Komoi more into the action is a good way to proceed as to not overshadow them with the already established cardfighters. Next time we’ll probably see Komoi improve. But for now we’ll see them get through the regional tournament and stop Fukuhara here.