Following last week’s game music SOTW from Persona 4 Arena, I’ve also decided that the game music is worth a mention and I’m going to direct your attention to my favorite character theme of the game. Needless to say I also have the game but I won’t rant about how everyone else gets it first. I will tell you that my main is Yukiko if anyone was wondering however it’s now her theme I’m blogging, it’s the main character’s theme, Yu Narukami, Reach Out to the Truth, remixed for p4u, sung by Hirata Shihoko I believe, correct me if I’m wrong.

Now you may be wondering how I got to know Yu’s theme seeing as I main Yukiko, well it’s certainly not because I played Yu or because I played the story or anything. It’s because as soon as I got the game I set about figuring out Yukiko and spent about an hour and a half on training using Yukiko playing against a training dummy who happened to be Yu. So after listening to Reach Out to the Truth, as that was the BGM playing, for an hour and a half it was easily stuck in my head since the game was released in the UK. Probably won’t take an hour and a half to be stuck in your head as it’s quite a catchy song.