Feelings About Victory

Key Events

Asaka vs Kourin starts going back and forth at the start. Kourin gets serious into the game and thinks back to how Aichi got her back into vanguard with the vanguard club. But after a close game, Asaka takes away the win with a good display of Pale Moon mechanics.

The score is tied 1 – 1 setting up a rematch waiting to happen since the first season as Ren and Aichi fight for their spot in the vanguard high school championships.

As Aichi rides Blaster Blade he reminisces about when he first started the vanguard club and now he wants to win for the team. Ren rides his avatar to fight Aichi at full strength, Blaster Dark Revenger.


Yep, as expected new cards from Pale Moon that looks likely to be released in the next pack which I believe to be the 12th and new cards for Ren, the Revenger archetype which I looked up to be a separate thing to be released in a deck just for Ren. That’s what’s upcoming in the vanguard scene.

Episode wise  it was as expected but I felt it went a bit too quickly. Yes we saw the entire duel, that’s always good, but I felt they played too quickly. Perhaps I’m too used to the dragged out duels in which they say too much and find something to distract them to extend the duel beyond one episode. But then again that’s for more important duels. This wasn’t that important, we knew who was going to win and it felt like they just wanted to show off a few new cards so they can quickly get to and set up the Ren vs Aichi matchup. And also end it at a face-off between Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark, their ‘renewed’ versions if you will.

Whilst I’m not expecting Ren to turn back into psycho/psyqualia Ren, he does look like he’s about to do something ‘evil’. Needless to say, his eyes are a dead giveaway and the fact that he’s back onto his Shadow Paladins has got to mean something. Will be the best rematch for Aichi apart from his eventual rematch with Kai, but that seems to be on hold for now. So I am expecting something big to happen. They can’t have such a big match like this without any developments. New cards for Shadow Paladins are a given, but I’m more interested if any new Gold Paladins will be released.

The full skills of the two new grade 3s from Pale Moon are still unconfirmed as of yet. But from what I can see, Miracle Pop, Ava’s break ride ability can be used so well with many Pale Moon grade 3s. It guarantees an extra attack as the activation of the ability doesn’t seem to require you to hit the opponent’s vanguard and of course with the other grade 3 you ride onto it, surely that’ll do something that will bring out cards from the soul too. This gives more attacks and as Asaka did, refills an empty field in one attack. It also means that it doesn’t matter what you have for the first attack as your soul will literally become a second hand for you. Just like how Angel Feather work from the damage zone. Also means that whilst you are using up another grade 3 to break ride that grade 3 isn’t wasted as you can call out another to fill the rear guard. That’s always one problem I’ve seen with break ride, you’re focusing too much on one attack, sometimes if I’m low on rear guards I may not want to focus too much on one attack and call the grade 3 to rear guard for quantity rather than quality. Anyways I’m not a Pale Moon player, but it’s a nice release for them definitely.

Now onto more important matters as we get to the Blaster Dark and Blaster Blade face off once again. This time with much less on the line. Though they might not think that.