Wednesday of Transformations I

Key Events

Ronaldo doesn’t take kindly to Alcor’s weirdness and his group try to take him into custody. However Alcor’s demon Bifrons clears the field of them easily. He then gives a revelation that he made the demon summoning app.

Yamato informs Hibiki that tomorrow’s Septentrione will appear in three places, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. Normal level summoned demons will have no effect on them. Yamato leaves Hibiki to defend Osaka. Hibiki makes it clear that he will defeat the demons of his own free will and after this is all over, if Yamato creates a ‘bad’ world he will stop him. Yamato leaves giving Nagoya’s defense to Ronaldo.

A bit of relaxation and banter as everyone in JP’s get a health checkup.

Makoto takes command for organization of this next Septentrione attack. Ronaldo’s group in Nagoya getting ready and Hibiki’s teleported to Osaka and Yamato himself will defend Tokyo. The three must launch a simultaneous attack to destroy it, nothing else will work. Hibiki meets Hinako and is very glad she’s alive.

In the Tokyo branch, Fumi speaks of a sacrifice and points at Io.


Another relaxing episode after a fierce battle, not much went on, a bit of comedy, character development, strategizing, background development and mystery. A little thing I was wondering is why it’s called Wednesday when a lot of the first part happened in Tuesday, unless it was after midnight? I must’ve missed that, even though there was a huge clock where the last Septentrione appeared. But small detail there anyway.

Development wise we find out that Hibiki will in effect be a third ‘faction’ in this battle against Septentrione as he seems to have sided with himself and not Ronaldo or Yamato. Which is fine, he’s strong enough to declare himself independent and as long as they all have a common goal they’ll all work together for now. I’m expecting some sort of fight between the three ‘factions’ once it’s all over unless they sort out their differences before the week is through. Which may happen as they at least need to set aside their differences to fight the ever growing stronger Septentriones as the days go by.

Another interesting thing is the sacrifice that Fumi speaks of. My guess is that a sacrifice is needed to kill a Septentrione on a later date, or maybe the last day. I’m thinking the sacrifice needs to be able to summon out powerful demons but they don’t want to sacrifice any of the important main characters so Fumi’s targeted Io who is disposable in that she is able to summon powerful demons, but is not strong enough to make a huge difference in fights.

The most interesting thing I found in this episode was Alcor. I think it’s the first time he’s stuck around for so long and we now know that he’s more than just some minor character in the background, although that is what he still is, but he’s played a vital role in the background. He’s a very interesting character, so many questions like who is he and why is he here? It seems he’s very friendly with the demons, probably a demon himself like Hibiki guessed, but weirdly he’s also ‘friendly’ with the humans too and claims to be giving them a chance. Perhaps he’s someone who wants to see a good show so he gives them a chance to fight it out? I believe Yamato already had Cerberus before Alcor met him, which means he knew that the humans had devices to call forth demons. Which begs the question why the new app? It’s only brought in innocent people where the majority will probably die due to a lack of power. Is this all to find one person like Hibiki that will be the next ‘prodigy’? Perhaps he knows that Yamato will save the world and then he will take the world in the ‘wrong’ direction so he wants to find someone who can stop him if that happens? And it’s not unlikely that he would be able to the future as he seems to be related with those death videos. Maybe he’s someone who can look down the route of the current situation if nothing changes? If we assume he can see into the future then another reason may be because he knows Yamato may not survive the final day Septentrione and needs another guy to help out as Yamato’s strength isn’t enough? I’d love to see him develop more and get answers for my questions of what is he doing, why and most importantly, who is he?

Apart from that all I see is a bit of banter and comedy from the characters finally having a chance to relax. And we move swiftly onto another monster that can split and see if this simultaneous attack will work. They may be working as one, but they still dislike each other, so something’s gotta go slightly wrong, if not because of their dislike for each other, then surely they’ll do it for some tension at least.