Promise to Sirius

Key Events

Shinomiya is the focus here and he has a new job doing a lipstick advert. However it seems they’re actually after his split personality Satsuki.

Only Haruka is able to accompany him to the ad shoot and ‘help’ him. However lunch time during the shoot, Natsuki takes off his glasses next to Haruka as advised by the director to give himself a new feel and changes into Satsuki.

He tells Haruka about the time when a teacher of Natsuki stole one of his songs and ran off, hence Satsuki was born from that despair and distrust. He steps on the glasses and says he’ll stand in for him.

The rest of STARISH apart from Cecil arrive and they start playing a game of who can get Natsuki’s broken glasses back onto him. He gets away and only Haruka manages to chase. With some song lyrics Natsuki made, she manages to convince Satsuki to turn back and Cecil shows up at the perfect time with some sun glasses which Satsuki takes and changes back to Natsuki with. He finishes off the ad shoot nicely with a new wild look without Satsuki’s help.


Ah… Natsuki and Satsuki, he/they always amuse me, though probably not in the best way… I was wondering if they were going to ‘sort’ out Natsuki’s hilarious alter ego so his episode was something I was thinking about, but not really looking forward to. Luckily, it provided me with a good laugh, at how ridiculous the premise is. I would’ve said this last season, but I didn’t blog it, so I’ll say it now, this is ridiculous and odd, but I got a good laugh out of the ridiculousness and the hilarity of a bunch of people trying to put glasses on someone like playing tag around a big playground in primary school.

So yeah, this entire episode was pretty stupid. I never liked Natsuki partially because of his identity crisis and partially because he always seemed high. But anyway, it looks like we won’t be seeing his alter ego again as everything’s sorted out.

And here I thought for once Cecil wouldn’t get involved but I was wrong, he got involved in the most helpful way possible and provided some nice shades to lock away the ‘evil’ Satsuki.

Well that’s out of the way now, Cecil and Nanami saves the day again and with that Satsuki is satisfied that Natsuki will be fine on his own. Until those glasses accidently falls off at some point… probably not going to happen anytime later this season though, this is probably the end of Satsuki.