Showdown at the Summit

Key Events

We start the action at damage 2-2 after Aichi’s Blaster Blade Ren rides Blaster Dark.

Ren rides his new grade 3, Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom.

As Kai watches the match from the sidelines he reminisces about the past when he first gave Aichi his Blaster Blade and is amazed at how far he’s come.

Aichi fights back from 3-5 to 5-5 but isn’t able to finish the match. Ren break rides Mordred pulling off a similar move to Aichi and dealing the final damage to Aichi.

Kai watches doubting his own abilities realizing that Aichi and Ren both are not in his reach anymore.

Now back to protecting the club as the council looks like they’ve got plans.


Shame Ren didn’t make it interesting by using any special powers. Although he did make it interesting by defeating Aichi. I’m actually not sure what to think on that. Surprising turnaround of events that’s for sure, the tournament they’ve been building up towards is snatched away in the final match. But surely it can’t be over right? I thought that’s how they were going to fill the rest of the season and not less plot heavy filler type episodes with unimportant duels. Maybe the tournament has a wild card system or something to get them in. Not sure how that’d work but I wouldn’t mind seeing it just so that the series doesn’t get too ‘relaxing’, if you will.

But if it doesn’t either way then I hope for something else, in fact closing the doors on the high school tournament is the perfect time to open the doors to something else. But before that we’ll probably get at least a few relaxing episodes before any other big thing happens.

Cards wise we saw new Ren cards, Mordred is the grade 3 but its ability is very similar to Gancelot’s, like catching up to it. Although I still think power is better than an extra unit so I’d personally prefer Gancelot, but as you did see, Mordred with Blaster Dark is still very good killing off an opponent’s unit for a big vanguard attack.

The duel was faster than I thought, although that’s probably because they started midway so they could get to the Blaster Dark and Blade face-off to ‘begin’ the duel. But that meant we didn’t see some of the action and for a duel as important as this I thought surely we’d see everything. What happened to the good old dragging out of duels, these are over too quickly and I can’t really ‘get into it’.

Another interesting thing I found, apart from Aichi losing, was Kai’s reaction to everything. Seems like he’s about to go on another long lonely individual training trip to come back stronger for that rematch with Aichi that’s waiting to happen and maybe Ren too. Which actually makes me think there might be another tournament later in the series that will host other big rematches we’re waiting to see. Maybe another circuit, or similar and maybe Q4 will reform. However that’s probably not until much later in the series, if at all, as we do seem to be concentrating on the school side of things.

So, as soon as I get any hint of what’s the next big event I’ll ‘jump’ on it. Still hoping that there’s some way for them to get into the high school tournament though. And for it not to end up like first season where they had to wait an entire year for the second chance to enter a failed tournament before they got through. I don’t like time skips if they decide to skip through the year like that, would feel too ’empty’.