Wednesday of Transformations II

Key Events

The next Septentrione, Megrez makes its appearance.

Hibiki receives data Ronaldo collected on the Hotsuin family so that he can make the ‘right decision’ when it comes to it.

The three parts of Megrez appear in their respective locations and everyone attacks. But nothing works as they’re only attacking one at a time. The attacks must be synchronized to kill each of the three cores at the same time.

As each team attack Megrez on their own, Hibiki receives a death video of Ronaldo and his group. He calls them to escape but they refuse as they’re the only ones who can do this.

Everything’s going badly on Nagoya’s end and after ‘trampling’ on some memories Airi held, she gets a far more powerful new demon, Lorelei, to attack revealing the inner core of the demon. The other two places attack in unison revealing the demon’s core in the other two places and everyone rushes for the final attack to finish the job.

The demon launches a final explosive attack on Ronaldo and his group before it dies like the death video predicted. With no one to intervene, they face their deaths there. Only Airi and Jungo get out safely.

Fumi and Yamato look to bring out a new weapon in the Hotsuin arsenal.

Alcor appears by Hibiki. He says he can’t help them as this is humanity’s trial, to see if the human race has potential. And the being that made this trial is Polaris. Alcor agrees with Hibiki that there isn’t a need to destroy the human race, even though he himself is a Septentrione, the Sword of Polaris. The Septentrione are in essence mindless monsters for Polaris to control everything as he sees fit. So they shouldn’t have the emotion Alcor has. Which is why Alcor doubts that Polaris is as mighty as he believes if a being like himself can exist. So this is why he gave them the app, to give them a chance to show Polaris their willpower as he can’t oppose Polaris directly. Alcor wonders to himself, who is he.

The world’s destruction starts as the void, a place of nothingness, starts to eat away the world. Erasing everything, even the fact that the human race ever existed.


Wow, I didn’t think Ronaldo would actually die. Although there shouldn’t be any reason to think that they’d survive. Only Hibiki’s group saw the death video and how it’s going to happen, no matter how prepared you are you can never be fully prepared for what you don’t know. I think Ronaldo knew that as well, he may have said all that about not dying but he knew he was done for. Just putting on a strong exterior so Hibiki could complete his mission and he can complete his. Kinda sad if you think about it that way, but at least he was fully prepared to die. I actually skipped ahead to the ED just to see he wasn’t still alive somehow as I quite liked them, Joe especially. This death had more impact because it was surprising and they spent some time building up the characters. The only thing I have to complain about is how they died. I thought it was a bit cheap. Facing powerful demons everyday and escaping death in the most difficult circumstances, then you die against some bombs. If Airi and Jungo also died it would’ve felt more believable, but I can’t see how they survived and Ronaldo didn’t. Sure he could’ve sent in his demon to take the hit or block it. I guess it’s because it was so anti climatic, there wasn’t a big build up, we thought everything was fine, then boom. Definitely had more impact this way though, as I didn’t see it coming because it was so ‘lackidasical’. Perhaps that was the effect they wanted.

Looks like I got many of the answers I wanted for Alcor namely who is he and why is he here, and somehow, I knew it had to relate to a ‘god’ of sorts. Who else could bring about calamity to this world so easily and get away with it? God of course, when there’s no other person they can think of to blame. But I suppose all this ‘trial’ talk makes a God figure seem sensible. But still, whenever I hear God, or something God related I always think they ran out of ideas and so they went for the easy way out and said God did it, even if the story needed a God like figure, even if it slots in nicely, it still to me seems too ‘easy’ to just say God did it. Though I don’t mind this as much as God’s own right hand man is ‘defying’ him. I like it that they’re questioning God’s almighty power. Or maybe they’re trying to say that nothing is perfect, not even God, and he/she can also make mistakes. Or maybe I’m wrong and he isn’t a God, but he’s acting like a God figure and if he isn’t, then that implies there are higher beings out there which in some respects imply a God. Though I suppose what he is at this moment isn’t that important, just a higher being out there to test if the human race deserves to survive or not. I’ll settle on that until I get more information. I wanted answers and I got answers, so that’ll do for now.

Battles were good and as enjoyable as always although I felt this one was a little rushed, maybe so they could include that long explanation from Alcor, if so, fair enough, but I would’ve liked to see more. Though if it’s only thirteen episodes then that may explain the rushing, however I do hope my sources are wrong on this as rushing could ruin the series and I’m enjoying it very much at the moment, I’d rather it not speed through the final Septentriones in five episodes to make the thirteen episode deadline finish. Unless they’re done well, and I’ll see that for myself.