A Windy Day

Key Events

The next plan created by the student council is for the Paranormal Power Research Society to beat the Vanguard Club so that they can take away their physics prep room as their club room.

However Aichi and gang are nowhere to be seen, and the ones who turn up to the Paranormal society’s challenge is Leon Souryu.

Eru Nakagami is the head of the Society and accepts Leon’s duel even though he has no idea who Leon is. Eru uses Dark Irregulars.

Meanwhile, Aichi and gang are eating Kourin’s homemade lunch together with a surprise visit from Takuto.

Leon wins the match easily enough and joins Aichi for lunch.


Well, I didn’t expect that, the main duel didn’t even include Aichi. I’m not even sure what they wanted to show in this episode. It was a nonexistent character facing the big villain from last season. Did they want to emphasis that he’s turned good by having him being on good terms with Takuto? There wasn’t really any new cards out either, apart from Master of the Fifth Element as the ‘new’ grade 3 Leon used was from an old pack.

Well I guess this episode was good for a bit of fun, especially with our guests from the Paranormal society. Though I thought being in high school they’d be passed the age of chuunibyou, but no matter, made for a good laugh and some much needed quirkiness that this series obviously lacks… Although it was some good body art, wonder if he drew all those things on himself, must’ve been difficult to draw whilst looking in a mirror. I also found it hilarious that the cards stick to the playing mat without getting blown away by what looks like a mini hurricane.

The outcome of the duel was never really in question, being the main villain of last season I highly doubt Leon would lose to a random newcomer who, without scrolling up a bit, I’ve already forgotten the name. Nice of him to remind us of some old good cards from DIs though like Doreen, one of the best power stacking cards in the game. And I guess he did show us one new card Master of the Fifth Element, I like it, mainly because of its power raising ability. I’m always a huge fan of simultaneous multiple power increases. However the rest of the card lets it down. Only at 10k power, the multiple power increases is a limit break, it’s only 3k which whilst isn’t bad, it’s definitely not great and it’s counterblast ability are all subpar for the current meta. I’d probably choose to guard Master of the Fifth Element so the counterblast doesn’t happen, though that said DIs have plenty of ways to soulcharge so again they probably wouldn’t need its counterblast ability anyway. I’d have preferred it if it was a better ability but I’m assuming DIs will have other grade 3s in the next pack so this is only the start.

Some nice acting from Eru, he should really be in the drama club, that’s where his calling lies obviously. Looks like it may continue like this for a while, until we get any clue of what the next big thing is. I would still like to see the school championship though, but somehow I doubt they’ll show it in detail without the main characters.