Thursday of Shock

Key Events

Alcor and Hibiki sit down to have a cup of coffee to chat. They talk about Yamato who made a choice to gather talented people, to create a meritocracy. Daichi and Io interrupt their conversation but becomes quickly acquainted with Alcor.

Airi and Hinako are requested by Makoto to deal with the next demon, Alioth. One will summon Shiva, and the other summons Kama who hate each other. They line up Kama with Alioth and when Shiva sees Kama, Shiva will spear him and Alioth down who’s in space, where no other demon can reach, killing him as well.

However only the core is destroyed, the shell of Alioth falls down crushing all underneath, including any civilians.

Hibiki looks through the USB that Ronaldo gave him and realises that the Hotsuin family have known about all this for years but have hidden it. So that they can rule the new world as Yamato plans to survive the seven days.

Yamato invites everyone who’s left for a banquet. He and Hibiki combined informs them that after the seven days JP’s will meet Polaris and then recreate the world as they see fit. Yamato confirms that he will create a world that the talented governs and those who don’t obey him, will die.

Hibiki promises to follow Yamato until the final day and then he will ‘pass judgment’ on him.

Makoto tells Nitta that for tomorrow’s Septentrione, she will die for them.


That’s definitely an interesting way to kill a Septentrione. If I didn’t have my friend to explain to me what was happening I would still be clueless as what they were doing, it’s much clearer in the game as you get an explanation. So if you’re still confused as to what went  on, I’ll enlighten you. The thing about killing this Septentrione is that it’s in space, so not many demons can reach it. One of the demons that have enough range is Shiva however it can only be summoned by a female dancer hence why Hinako was dancing for it. However Hinako can’t control it so they need an incentive for Shiva to fire its attack in the direction of the Septentrione, this is where Airi comes in. Shiva hates Kama and will attack if she sees him, so they get Airi to act ‘sexy’ i.e. show Kama a belly button, to summon him, then tie him up and line up Shiva, Kama and the Septentrione in a straight line. Shiva sees Kama, shoots a spear at him that goes through him, kills him and also hits the Septentrione killing that too.

Maybe you got all that from the anime, if you did then a big well done because I don’t think I could’ve worked that out if I wasn’t told about it as I watched. Though I might’ve theorized something similar. But I won’t know that now. All in all, it was a simple plan that made it seem too easy, the Septentrione didn’t do much, all we saw was the massive size of it. After all the other big fights I didn’t expect any of the Septentrione to die so quietly and quickly, although that said it did come crashing down to earth very loudly but I think you get my point.

I was thinking that they could’ve evacuated everyone from the area, but then thinking about it, realistically it’d be very difficult to evacuate somewhere of that size and population. It’s still not great to let them all die like that, but I was thinking maybe they could’ve all hid underground somehow, like the underground rail network. But again, there’d be too many people. If there was time to prepare and money to invest into something like a large underground shelter network then it’d be alright, but I doubt they had the resources available.

The episode ended on a nice cliffhanger. This is probably that sacrifice Fumi was talking about earlier. The reason for this, I think, is that they need her life force to either summon a demon strong enough to fight the next Septentrione or be a sacrifice to summon it. The main question is, will she actually die? This series has already killed off a lot of their characters nonchalantly, but they weren’t ‘that’ main. This is one of the three main characters, it feels unlikely that they’d kill her off, but it is nearing the end of the story and there’s no real reason why she can’t die. If she does die, I hope the anime will do the death justice and make it as impactful as ever, unlike Ronaldo’s death where it fizzled out. Though obviously, I do hope she doesn’t.