Friday of Farewells

Key Events

Io will be their trump card to fight the next Septentrione, Mizar, by summoning Lugh, but she will have no chance of survival after summoning it.

Mizar’s power is so that it duplicates itself continuously and neither Byakko nor Cerberus can fight it. Only Lugh can and Io will summon it and sacrifice herself.

Mizar appears, Lugh is successfully summoned and kills Mizar with ease. However time’s up for Io and her mind is completely taken over by Lugh. Hibiki tries to rush out to her on Byakko but is shot down. Yamato tells Hibiki to kill Io, as it’s not her anymore, it’s Lugh.

Lugh makes its way to Yamato’s mansion to kill him, but Hibiki stands in its way not giving up on Io.

Yamato comes to kill Io and Hibiki stops him. He also blocks an attack from Lugh as he gained power from Shakko. With his new powers he holds Lugh’s attack and gets through to Io to save her from Lugh’s grasp.


Well, I did say it could’ve went either way, though there are only two options so that was stating the obvious, but I meant it in the way that it’s hard to predict what the anime would do. Whilst I’m happy it went this way and it provided a nice heartwarming scene, it was still a bit too cliché. But I guess I didn’t want her to die, though I can’t deny that it would’ve made for an emotional scene and actually I half hoped that she would die when Hibiki was reaching out to her, for all hope Hibiki had to be crushed right there when he almost reached her. I think that would’ve made for a really impactful scene. Oh well, happiness is good too.

I find that the battles are way too rushed now, again I’ve never played the game so I can’t tell if it’s canon or it’s just the anime, but that’s the second time the battle was over in less than a minute, well two, but you get my point. You summon a powerful demon and it destroys the Septentrione easily. The battles feel rushed and as well as that, it also kinda questions Polaris’ power. If the Septentrione are here to watch over everything, then should they be so weak that many powerful demons can kill them with ease? Or are they all demons on the level of Polaris? If so then how is JP’s summoning them so ‘easily’? The other option is that these demons that are summoned by JP’s are weaker than Polaris but stronger than the Septentrione, but then why didn’t Polaris make them more powerful because then he can’t really control much with weaklings. Though I suppose it’s only to watch over humans and he never thought that they’d be able to summon demons themselves, and also if he made them too strong they could rebel, like Alcor sorta is.

But anyway, the point was that the battles are getting too short, I was enjoying the action packed battles before, now it’s just over too quickly. I have a feeling that this is because they want to save two episodes for the final day, so one episode for Saturday and the last two for Sunday. Must be something special on Sunday to warrant two episodes, I’m expecting Polaris to make some sort of appearance, and I’m looking forward to a Hibiki vs Yamato battle.

Again with this Septentrione, I have always agreed with Yamato that personal feelings should be kept out of doing what’s right. But again I say he’s just too cold. Reminds me of a Yu-Gi-Oh episode oddly enough, episode 42 of the first season, not including season 0, Rebecca vs Yugi. Rebecca used a card called Shadow Ghoul that gets increased attack from how many monsters there are in the grave but she was tossing monsters in the grave doing it without consideration for them just like Yamato. Her granddad also used Shadow Ghoul but he used it so that he respected the monsters he sent to the grave rather than throwing them away so callously. That’s the difference here between a hated Yamato and what could’ve been a less hated one.

Anyways, the Io saving was a tad too cliche, but I guess you’d expect that. The battle was too short, however I still like the series so far, if the two episodes they’re saving is worth the big final battle then it’ll be fine. Though I think many of you agree that this should’ve had more episodes.