An ending theme from an old favourite of mine, well old for me as it was released in 2004 and I watched it a few years afterwards. An anime I enjoyed because it was one of the first anime about an abnormal high school life I watched and I have to say it was really fun, enough to stick in my head. It is also the anime that held the record for the longest episode title at the time, it’s probably still holding that crown today. I am of course talking about School Rumble and this blog is for the first ED theme in the first season, Onna no ko, Otoko no ko by Ogura Yuuko.

If anyone who hasn’t seen School Rumble and was wondering what the title of the longest title episode is, or have seen it, forgot and wanted reminding, then here it is: “Totsuzen no “sayonara”… Mayoikonda rabirinsu… Anata wa dare? …Oshiete. “Surechigai” “Kataomoi” Todoke, boku no kimochi. Todoke, watashi no omoi. Tabun ichido shika nai kisetsu, seishun no 1 pēji. Kore ga saigo no chansu, tashikametai… Kimi no kimochi. Tsutawaru kotoba, tsutawaranai omoi. Ano hi no kokuhaku, eien no ichinichi, dakedo… Itsu made mo tsuzuite iku, watashitachi no “ima”. Soshite ashita e… “sukūru ranburu fōebā””, shortened to ‘School Rumble Forever’ in the dub.

One of the most fun anime I know, and also one with one of the most unsatisfying endings. Though I’m talking about the manga there. If you ever get the chance to read it then you’ll understand what I mean. Ending sorta fizzled out for me, was hoping that something would happen between certain people, oh well.

I recommend looking at the translated lyrics for this song, if you don’t understand Japanese. I think it speaks a lot of truth, which is one of the reasons I liked the song so much. And of course that important factor that the song mentions applies to many many of life’s events and in other places too. All about getting everything dead on the target.