Rx blog

So, an unusual blog for me definitely, but I thought why not, nothing wrong with helping someone out a little. Unfortunately I’m actually ill… and as you may know, also got a flight this Friday… so yeah this is gonna be short as I feel like death at the moment…

But anyway, this is a special blog to hopefully draw some more attention to an interesting new manga I was made aware of. It’s called Rx and is a shounen manga with an interesting art style. It’s created by Gin Kumo who’s looking to publish and distribute it nationwide and from what I see, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t. You can tell from a glance that the creator’s put a lot of effort into it and I have a soft spot and always will support those chasing their dreams with every ounce of effort they have. He has put it up on kickstarter to try and get the funding for it to be published and I recommend everyone to take a look at it at least and if you like it enough, help it out and donate some money to fund its release. I believe it’s only right to give everyone a fair chance at success.

The link to the kickstarter page is: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/imageekent/rx-manga-comic and a summary of what it’s about is below.

The summary of it is: Rx introduces us to Button-Fly Misty, a young alien prince obsessed with the “unfair” differences between Earth life and Moon life; and his wise samurai advisor, Opo. Prince Misty’s life long goal is to conquer planet Earth, and silence humanity’s irritating bragging once and for all! But upon finally landing on the Earth, the invading duo discover one little hiccup in their plan… Earth is being attacked by a savage and ruthless living disease, and nobody on the planet is strong enough to stop it! Now it looks like if Misty and Opo want to take over the world, they may just have to save it first!

I wish you all the best Gin Kumo.