Key Events

Another new villain appears in the form of Takuto’s reflection in a window and threatens to possess him and take over everything.

Wondering about Ishida’s latest eventful duel, Kai goes to visit Takuto to try and get answers. He believes that the sensation he felt from Ishida that duel was similar to what he felt from Leon when he was evil. Turns out he was right, Void is trying a new way to ‘attack’ them, with this new Reverse tactic. If a Reverse fighter wins against a normal fighter then that fighter will lose their soul and their energy become void’s and also turn into a Reverse fighter.

Kai turns to leave, but Takuto stops him. He’s been turned into a representative from Void, his old self locked away, and is looking for their first Reverse fighter. Kai fits perfectly.

Takuto uses a new clan known as Link Joker. The deck focuses on Locking, which turns an opponent’s card facedown making them effectively useless and off the field until the end of the opponent’s turn.

Kai is unfazed by the ability and continues strongly.


And that’s why this season is called Link Joker. Looks like I was right and this will be the main arc of the series. Hard not to be when they’ve revealed a new clan with the title of the season and revealed that the main villain in the last two seasons is behind this new clan as well. Good, it’s about time, the nonsensical name has been making me wonder for quite a bit as you know and I was getting more and more irked by it. So this anime finally has my attention again as it’s finally getting interesting.

I was wondering why the ‘reverse’ Takuto was explaining everything to Kai, suppose it was the cockiness that he knew he was going to win and there’d be no harm in telling him. Though that said, there’s still no reason to tell him, reminds me like in Bleach when they’d always give a detailed explanation of what their abilities did before fighting the opponent. A stupid idea, no element of surprise. But I suppose in this case it kinda fits as the evil Takuto wanted to show off his evil ways and his new clan and rightly has every confidence he’ll win against Kai. So the places will finally be reversed for Kai, Ren and Aichi in that Kai will be the one under the influence of some force and the others have to rescue him. Also this whole Reversal things sounds like one of those zombie infections. You get bit by one you turn into one. Obviously the evil Takuto’s been watching too many zombie films.

Looks like they’ve finally found a less bulky way to replace the duel tables, floating translucent tables that appear only when needed. They don’t get in the way, don’t need some random muscle guy to carry it around with you and can’t see them so not a bother most of the time, until you try to figure out where it is…

Well I must say I’m looking forward to what this new clan is capable of. For it to be the title of the anime must make it one of the best and biggest clans then, or at least one of the more important ones seeing as this season isn’t called Cardfight Vanguard: Genesis. So far it seems alright, integrating the new mechanic, locking, as their main focus. Though because of that they feel like Megacolony as they ‘lock’ down the opponent’s as well, but because of Link Joker’s locking completely negating everything of the card, it’s obviously much stronger than Megacolony’s abilities that just stop units from standing.

Kai probably won’t win, wouldn’t make sense for him to win. They just released a new clan, they want to show it off, and against a strong opponent like Kai too. This is a good start to the arc, I’m interested to see how Kai’s ‘defection’ will be taken. The long awaited Kai vs Aichi rematch is approaching soon it seems, probably the only way to turn Kai back, assuming he turns to the dark side. I trust this anime will put out a nice spectacle, more of a hope I guess… but at least it’ll be heartwarming, maybe.  Can never be sure when you want to enjoy this anime.

Note: Off to china in a few hours now, so blogs will be a bit slow now, I’ve half finished the other two blogs for last week’s episodes so I’ll post them in China when I have internet. So bear with me whilst I’m in China the blogs will be very irregular.