Saturday of Variances

Key Events

Whilst Hibiki’s still unconscious, Alcor takes his leave so he can observe them from afar.

Airi, Jungo, Hinako, Daichi and Io finally introduce themselves properly to each other and share a rare bonding moment. But their happiness is interrupted immediately as they receive Death Clips of everyone else in the group. Just as that happens, the last Septentrione, the strongest of them all, Benetnasch, appears.

Within minutes of its arrival, Benetnasch wipes out several of JP’s branches with ease.

We finally get some Hibiki backstory about how his childhood was like with Daichi and somewhat cautious and uncaring parents.

Benetnasch makes its way to JP’s hq and tries to blast it away. Yamato stops the attack and everyone else moves in to attack. Everything’s going well until Benetnasch forcibly recalls every demon everyone’s summoned with a high frequency attack. Fumi who was watching from afar summons out her demon to counteract that frequency but Benetnasch notices and kills her.

However everyone still has to wait for their demons to recover before summoning again. Yamato can’t hold onto the defence for long and breaks away to fight Benetnasch head on whilst everyone else has to fend for themselves.

Benetnasch finds Airi and Jungo first and blows them up. Next up, Hinako is caught and is also blown up.

Hibiki finally makes it to the scene after waking up and manages to hold off the next attacks. As always he and Yamato have a difference of opinion as one side wants to protect his friends and the other only wants the useful to live. But even with their combined powers they still can’t stop another attack from Benetnasch until Daichi unexpectedly jumps into the battlefield with a huge new demon, Jack Frost, that’s more powerful one of Yamato’s demons and Makoto’s demon. With its power and Hibiki and Yamato they take out the final Septentrione.

Finally, it’s time to settle things between Hibiki and Yamato. Alcor also appears saying that he won’t allow Yamato to kill Hibiki.


Wow, now that was unexpected. They killed off an entire support cast in mere seconds, I doubt anyone saw that coming, like with all other deaths in this series. I’ve been wondering if that’s a good thing or not and well, if the deaths were done well, it would’ve been a good thing, y’know the usual keep everyone on their toes sorta thing. But it’s the fact that the deaths are so nonchalant like the creators didn’t care about them after all everyone’s been through, they were just tossed aside, and for no apparent reason. At least I can’t see one. It didn’t create any tension because there was no build up, they just went up in smoke pretty much, the only thing I could’ve seen it ‘help’ was Hibiki’s rage when he finally arrived.  I suppose he would’ve been less angry, if at all, at Yamato if no one died. Even so, the deaths should’ve been much better. I don’t even care if it’s a cheesy death, like Keita’s, jump in the way of someone’s attack or something. I would’ve said something about the cheesiness but it would still be much better than this. Also shows the fragility of humans without demon help I suppose, but everyone knew that anyway. The deaths were too forced and cheap, didn’t give them enough credit after surviving this long. If they wanted to fuel Hibiki’s rage they don’t need to kill four people, one is probably enough and to be fair even if all four were badly injured that’d probably be enough too. We’ve all grown to like the characters so this was kinda like a kick in the teeth to us just to simply cast them aside for no particular reason and with badly thought out scripting too. Though I suppose I kinda expected some deaths after everyone’s joyful introductions were interrupted by the death videos, I just didn’t expect the deaths to be so bad.

Needless deaths aside, it was very nice to see Daichi finally become useful and save the day in typical shounen style. We were all waiting for him to do something and I think he’s delivered with an apparently iconic demon too. Looks like he’ll end up being a deciding factor for who wins this final battle as well now that he’s got a demon that can make a difference.

The overall fighting was good, finally it wasn’t a quick and easy win, it was a drawn out battle that resulted in many casualties and good fights. So, I’m glad they spent time with this Septentrione, though he was the final and most powerful one, it’d be weird if they didn’t spend time on him. Shows that one episode is fine for a Septentrione if it’s done right. Again I don’t know what’s canon so maybe the quick kills were the norm.

And with the final Septentrione dead, their week is over and all the main characters have survived, the final Sunday is here. Two episodes left for the last day and the last battle. Will Polaris make an appearance? Or will Hibiki and Yamato fight it out first? If they do fight then Yamato’s at a clear disadvantage, only Makoto would side with him if anyone, even Alcor looks like he’s on Hibiki’s side. He only has Ceberus and Baal, plus his other powers that seem equal to Hibiki’s. So if it’s a straight fight Hibiki’s group will almost certainly win. But it will be a good fight nonetheless, and I’m expecting a lot of shouting on the subject of morality and what’s right for this world. That’s only if Polaris doesn’t arrive though, if Polaris does, then that could change everything as for one thing the battle could then be against him, or he could give divine judgment and have Hibiki as the ‘king’ of the new world etc. Would be too many possibilities if Polaris was to arrive, so in that sense I’m hoping he does. I want to see this so called ‘God’ as well and for humanity to challenge his almighty powers. I’m also interested in what Alcor will do.

Oh yes, final point, it was good to see some Hibiki backstory at last. I didn’t expect to see any as he seemed like a normal highschool kid, but I suppose for him to be the main character he must’ve been through something as a kid. And I agree with his dad that he should choose his friends wisely, you need a good variety, people you can encourage and motivate and people who will encourage and motivate you, both sides of the coin teaches you valuable lessons in life I’ve learnt.

Overall the episode wasn’t too bad, I think the battle made it good and whilst it’s difficult to ignore four deaths I can look beyond that. So I’d still say I enjoyed this episode.