Uh… Kind of rushed for time this week. Again. Another meeting, you know? Busy, busy, busy… So tough being a Biology graduate/otaku… Anyway.

Well, since I’ve only just got back into watching Naruto Shippuuden’s dub again, it’ll be a Shippuuden theme I’ve listened to a lot recently. I’m now onto ‘Toumei Datta Sekai’ in the Pain Invasion arc, but ‘SIGN’ was easily the best theme for the best arcs in this series. Jiraiya v Pain and Itachi v Sasuke were epic in both animation and plot, and gave validation to me for why I watch this series.

Plus, it’s FLOW again, who I’ve previously stated I like. So, there’s that.


TV Version


Full Version


PS: Don’t know how long the TV version’s video will stay up, considering Naruto openings and endings are taken down from youtube pretty often. Enjoy it whilst it’s there, I suppose.