Dreamer`s Symphony

Key Events

Ichinose suspects something about having both the groups sing Haruka’s songs, but Shining reveals nothing.

Haruka’s hard at work creating an arrangement that can beat anything to protect Starish from being disbanded. But after making a lot of effort it seems her arrangements have lost something. She’s a bit upset.

To help with that Ichinose ‘performs’ his new song for her and then takes her to a small festival.

They stay together for the night and thanks to Ichinose, Haruka realises that she’s been losing sight of what’s important in her arrangement. Everyone else appears and sings her a song bringing her back from stress to a happiness that she’ll put in her arrangement for them.


So that scheming Shining did have something up his sleeve when asking both groups to sing Haruka’s songs. Again, I’m wondering what it is, though I think it was something I suggested last episode, or at least relate to how Starish will sound better singing Haruka’s songs than Heavens. Perhaps because she is very much a part of the group as any member and there’s that ‘feeling’ that it just suits them so much more? Similar to how she had lost that feeling in the songs she was writing as she was only thinking about how to beat Heavens and not how to make Starish sound the best. Though to be honest when it’s in music it’s hard to see what in a song can beat another song, especially if they’re both great songs. A bit too based on opinion to judge for certain. Risks in songs are good sometimes, but they can really backfire, so yeah, glad Haruka decided to stay as is.

And we finally get the Ichinose episode we’ve been waiting for, well I have at least. It wasn’t as good as I thought it was as it wasn’t helping Ichinose out, but rather, helping Haruka out. Though that said I did feel Ichinose was the one that had the least problems in the group as a lot of it was sorted out last season I believe. That may well explain why he’s been left to last to solve Haruka’s woes. I also laughed at how there’s no major involvement for Cecil this time.

Well, as nice episodes go, this was very nice, to finally see a reversal of everyone helping out the heroine for once, instead of the other way round. This sets up the group to do strongly in the Uta Pri concert. I believe there are two episodes left, so maybe Heavens will have their performances the next episode along with some other stuff like preparing for the concert and the anime will make them a very tough act to follow. So the final episode will be Starish taking the stage and near the end of the episode they’ll perform Maji Love 2000% to clinch the award. That’s how I envisage one way the anime can end. The last obstacle i Heavens, and the anime has to make them stand out a lot to make it tense enough so that it’s a great finish when Starish wins.