Key Events

Kai’s under constant pressure from Takuto’s mind games, but he refuses to yield to Takuto’s bait and take Link Joker’s power.

After not being able to beat Takuto in one turn, Takuto uses Aichi and Ren to further play mind games with Kai, tempting him more so to take Link Joker’s power as his own.

He eventually gives in to the endless taunting and takes Link Joker’s. So that he can beat Aichi and throws away his own values to become a Reverse Fighter.

Aichi’s still worried about Kai and Kourin even though Takuto called to say that she was busy and he thinks Kai’s probably on a training trip. He can’t shake an odd feeling of foreboding.

Kai appears at Fukuhara High school and because Ren isn’t here, he challenges Tetsu to a fight.


Huh so I was wrong, he doesn’t lose to Takuto, which is a nice surprise as this is Kai we’re talking about. Not many would predict that him of all people would be lured in by dark powers. Then again, the anime has been hinting at an increase in his power for a while, I think we all knew he was overdue for a deck upgrade, just didn’t expect it to be like this. But anyway, the result is the same, Kai joined them and now has a new deck and also can smile too now, although probably not the smile everyone wanted for him.

I think many of us are wondering what that card that Takuto used is, unless you have internet and can readily check up things unlike in China where my access is very limited. In which case you may already know as you’ve looked it up or already seen the next episode, unless they haven’t released any information on it. Either way that’s quite a strong card to lock all rear guards and render the opponent pretty much useless for 1 turn. You basically get a ‘free’ turn, which is ridiculous, I don’t believe we saw the cost of the ability so that had better balance it out or it’s gonna be one hell of a broken card. The other thing is it would be a combination of abilities rather than just one, in which case it’s less broken but still a pretty powerful combo.

Also, I’ve been wondering if they’ve left the high school tournament completely behind. Not seen anyone mention it at all after Aichi’s loss and you’d think it’d be a very important thing that would be the ‘talk of the town’. Maybe that’s why they ended Aichi’s ‘run’ there so that they can get to the more interesting/main part of the arc. I’m not complaining, but find it odd that they left what I still think is an important part of the anime behind. I thought they could use the tournament to spread Void and gain more Reverse fighters, but Kai’s not even competing. So I didn’t think that way until now as he’s against Tetsu. Surely Tetsu will not stand a chance and he too will become a Reverse fighter meaning that he can help ‘spread the love’. Let’s see how far this ‘zombie’ vanguard effect will spread.

Note: Gonna be some big delays with blogs, I haven’t told you yet though you all probably know, it’s impossible to get on wordpress from China, so I can’t post up things even if I finish writing them, I’m currently getting Raven to post them for me but you should know there’s a 7 hour time difference between China and England so all that combined, plus the fact that internet is scarce in China and downloading an episode of anime takes half a day, I’m gonna be badly delayed on a lot of blogs. But rest assured, I will get them all up eventually. And also you’ll notice that Raven’s doing SOTWs until I get back as Youtube’s also, unsurprisingly, banned in China, so yeah… a bit hard to find the right video when I can’t even get on the site. Not sure if he’s explained or not, but he’ll do this month and I’ll do next month for SOTWs.