Sunday of Realisation I

Key Events

Although the trial has ended, Alcor will pass ‘judgment’ of his own and kill Yamato and pass all hope onto Hibiki.

As the fight takes a pause, Alcor and Yamato receive death clips of each other. Hibiki and the others receive it too. Makoto decides to support Yamato and leaves. As she does, everyone receives a death clip for her.

Yamato looks to have lost as Cerberus falls against Alcor. Alcor turns on Yamato and just as he’s about to kill him Makoto jumps in to block the attack and saves him. She dies but gives Yamato enough time to summon two powerful demons Nebiros and Zao Gongeng.

The two take down Alcor and whilst he has his final words, Yamato has an opening. Alcor binds the both of them together and blows them both up just as Hibiki arrives.

However, Yamato is still alive and will go up to Polaris. He calls out Nebiros and Zao Gongeng to stand in Hibiki’s way and challenges him to stop him if he can beat those two as the void approaches.

Nitta and Daichi arrive to stop the two demons and spur Hibiki on. The two are eaten away by the Void as Hibiki chases after Yamato.


So… everyone’s dead. Well, at least these deaths weren’t as nonchalant and badly thought out as before and I think many people saw it coming too. At least they had some emotion attached. I find it odd that the explosion from Alcor didn’t kill Yamato, I think we all thought it would, considering how easily the rest of the people died. But I guess they wanted to show off Yamato’s power and perhaps it’s also because they were right next to the tower which apparently provided him with power. Also I wonder where everyone else is, JP’s people and all that, hiding probably.

Looks like what Makoto said was right and proved it. The death clips can be avoided as Yamato survived. However I think Makoto may have died a pointless death, those skewers would certainly have enough power to go through her and kill Yamato if Alcor had that intention and aimed it right, so somehow I feel that Alcor still had hesitations, that could be how Yamato survived the explosion as Alcor held back or deliberately did it right next to the tower, perhaps the friendship values were still there. Or maybe Makoto did ‘help’ in that Alcor tried to divert the attacks when he saw Makoto jump in but couldn’t change the trajectory enough to avoid her completely.

Also I wonder why Alcor didn’t use his minions, they could’ve bought him some time against the two demons that Yamato summoned. He wasn’t as all powerful as I thought losing to those demons. Though they’re probably on a very high level, but that makes me question why Yamato couldn’t use them earlier to beat the Septentrione, though that’s probably because his growth had only just reached this high to summon them.

So I see what the anime wanted then, a 1 v 1 ‘fair’ fight between Yamato and Hibiki, that’s why the others had to die. The writers wanted to set this finale up. Shame though, I thought Alcor would end it with Yamato, but I guess that’d be too easy and there’d be nothing more to show after this episode, that said they’ve could’ve done Hibiki vs Polaris in the next episode if Yamato died here. I knew Daichi and Nitta were done for when Yamato called out the two demons to stop Hibiki, only those two left to hold them off.

Well, Yamato’s badly injured but Hibiki is less used to this fighting, so perhaps they’re actually on a similar level at this point, Cerberus definitely seems stronger than Byakko, but again he was just skewered by Alcor, so I’d say Alcor softened him up for Hibiki. Or maybe they’ll be no victor and they’ll both meet Polaris. I want to see this new world, so I hope they have enough time to show what it’s going to be like, and maybe, this is what I’m hoping, that everyone who’s died so far will be revived somehow, but I doubt that’s gonna happen.

It was a very good battle though between Alcor and Yamato, I felt it was a little short lived but then again I can’t see it doing much more so I’m satisfied. It was a good episode, for once the deaths aren’t so unbelievably bad, they’re believable and somewhat emotional too. Maybe it’s because the other deaths were so bad that I’m able to praise these, perhaps these should be better too, but I’m satisfied for now. It was still a good episode with a lot going on and now onto Polaris. Will they actually meet him? I hope so.

Anyway everyone’s dead, soon there’s only gonna be one person left, or if the ending’s really depressing, the two will kill each other at the same time and the world will end as there’s no one left. Or one of them wins but Polaris doesn’t deem him worthy and kills him, many possibilities still. If you ask what I want to see, then I suppose I’m the type who likes a happy ending and as I’ve mentioned before I’d like to see Hibiki win and then bring everyone back to life somehow, Polaris is sorta a god, so maybe he can. But again, I don’t think it’ll happen.