Migi! Ue! Shita! Hidari! Guruguru guruguru guruguru guruguruguru DON’T TOUCH ME!

Week two of SOTW’s “Month of the Raven” (name to be finalised) has Beelzebub’s 4th ending. This is by far the most “a-d’aww-able” anime theme I’ve ever seen/heard, which is the maximum rating I allow on the cuteness scale.

I only picked up the manga a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve known of Beelzebub since it debuted in JUMP. However, if I knew it had an ending theme like this, I’d have got invested into it a long time ago. Weirdly, the genre doesn’t suggest something this a-d’aww-able would be linked to the anime, but it is. And I love it.

Seeming as though I’m in a good mood, I’ll just give you the music and the ending video and let you be.


TV Version


Full Version