Sunday of Realisation II

Key Events

Hibiki still can’t forgive Yamato for sacrificing everyone and that is his reason for fighting. Yamato believes that the entire system that Polaris created was broken and he will rewrite everything to create a perfect world. Even though Hibiki believes Yamato can create a beautiful world, he will still stop him as it’s a world that’s forced onto everyone, a world that isn’t truly theirs.

Hibiki also believes Yamato still has a heart as he received Hibiki’s death clip that time which should only go to his ‘friends’. At that moment, Yamato coughs out some blood and his powers waver. Byakko pounces on Cerberus and kills him.

Hibiki wants to work together with Yamato to fix everything and afterwards they can be friends. However Yamato refuses and fuses Nebiros and Zao Gongeng with his app to create Satan.

Byakko is destroyed but everyone else’s demons arrive on Hibiki’s phone to aid him. He fuses everyone’s strongest demons together to create Lucifer.

The final attacks from the two demons finish the battle with Hibiki’s victory. Polaris appears and Hibiki tells it his wish.

Everything resets to the day it all started. Everything happens as normal on that day including the Nicaea website. But there is no death clip, and it’s more of a joke thing. The train doesn’t crash into the station and everything continues as it should have that day. Hibiki remembers his wish, which was to have a chance to fix things and runs off.

Weget quick glimpses of the other summoner’s daily lives as if the seven days never happened and what they wanted to be.

Hibiki arrives at Yamato’s place and as Yamato drives on by in a car Hibiki confirms that Yamato’s alive and well.


Well, it was the ending I wanted, but at the same time it wasn’t the ending I wanted. Allow me to explain. Yes I did want everyone to be back alive again so in that respect it fulfilled my wishes in something I didn’t think would happen. However I didn’t want a reset so that no one knows that week happened. I wanted to see the new world, but instead Hibiki just reinstated the old world with no changes. That was disappointing, I wanted everyone to meet up again and have a happy reunion rather than go about their separate lives pre trial. Oh well, it was happy at least and I do realise that there’s no such ending that everyone lives after trial and remembers everything in the game. But I was kinda hoping there could’ve been an anime only ending. Another thing I was disappointed in was that Polaris never showed himself properly. All I saw was some light, had to search on google images to see what he actually looked like.

That fuse thing was weird, I have to say I didn’t expect it, though those who’ve played the game will probably have wondered where the demon fusion thing would appear as I’m assuming it was a vital/basic feature part of getting more powerful demons. They left it to last and made it as dramatic as possible, I’ll give them that. After Satan came out I had a feeling that they’d also bring out a Lucifer, the Japanese sure love using these demons. Also, I was thinking that Yamato could’ve attacked during HIbiki’s extremely long fusion chain, but I guess he wanted to show him respect and give him a chance to win as he probably wanted to be beaten by his ‘friend’.

The series overall felt a bit mixed. At the beginning I thought it was going at a slow but steady pace and one that I was enjoying and it was really fleshing out the characters and the story. Which led me to think it was gonna be a 20 odd episode series with how ‘full’ each episode was. But then after a few episodes the series definitely felt too rushed with how easy some of the Septentrione were defeated and how little the build up was. The battles definitely could’ve been dragged out a bit more like in the game, but were finished in seconds.

Then there were the deaths and I think you all know how I felt about them. They were just plainly bad. Everyone ‘just died’, no emotion attached and it was painfully lackadaisical. I don’t think I need to stress anymore how horrendous they were so I’ll leave this point here.

I believe this series should’ve been longer but not to the point where it’s around 24 episodes. I think it could’ve been 20 episodes ish. I don’t think they could’ve filled it up to 24 episodes as there’s only one storyline play through. However there were many parts that were too rushed and could’ve been stretched out. And I suppose if they really wanted they could’ve stretched it to 22 episodes maybe pushing 24 with backstories and dreams/what they wanted to be, as that was showed in the game and could’ve been shown in the anime more, and of course there can also be anime only stuff too.

I have looked forward to most new episodes of this anime, but as you can tell I haven’t enjoyed all of them due to the downfalls. It was as enjoyable as the majority of anime I watched last season, however I don’t know how you guys who’ve played the game felt, but as far as expectations are concerned I don’t think it fulfilled mine.