The Power of the Black Ring

Key Event

As the duel between Kai and Tetsu continues, Tetsu senses an ominous power from Kai. He then recognises Kai’s demeanour is exactly the same to when Ren was under the influence of Psyqualia. Tetsu believes that he isn’t the same when he sat by and watched Ren become consumed with power, so he will break Kai out of this curse.

But Kai wins the duel with a trademark final turn and double critical trigger turning Tetsu into a Reverse fighter.

Ren returns back to school and senses something wrong. No one comes to greet him apart from Suiko. She says she’ll tell him what’s going on if he can beat a group of students including Brilliant Stars all taken over by Void.

Kyou then appears, originally wanting to infiltrate the school, but will now hold off Brilliant Stars so Ren can get through.

Ren gets through to Suiko, but she also wants a duel before she’ll talk.


An expected result and a sooner than expected visit by Ren. I thought Kai would build up his ‘army’ a bit first and ‘convert’ some more noticeable fighters then using them to lure Ren and/or Aichi to him. I thought it would’ve been a good opportunity to reintroduce some old teams like Team Handsome and some other ones that I’ve forgotten. Missed out on a good opportunity there, but I guess he still can after converting Ren. And we at least saw one ‘team’ of familiar faces in Kyou.

I’m surprised the evil Takuto isn’t scared that Kai may turn on him once he gets too strong and think that he can beat anyone. Always seem to be a problem these days when you think you can take on the world and try to usurp your superior. But I guess when it’s some sort of mind control that’s involved these things are less to worry about.

I was about to comment on what everyone thinks has happened to Ultra Rare, but out comes a ‘converted’ Suiko and it looks like the rest of Ultra Rare are either under Takuto’s control or are in hiding. The fact that we haven’t seen them for so long makes me think the latter is more likely.

So… anyone else thinks the eye look like Sauron? The big evil eye thing that’s probably some sort of form Void’s taken this time.

Also Tetsu with that converted smile is so creepy, even more so than Kai as at least he doesn’t smile so that could be his only smile. Which would explain why he doesn’t smile… But we’ve seen Tetsu’s smile before so his evil smile is more dramatic.

My prediction is that Ren will lose to Kai, but probably get through Suiko and find out what’s happening first. I only think he’ll lose because Kai still needs to get through to Aichi and many of us are waiting for that rematch so I believe, and also hope, that the writers won’t miss it. Also I’d like to say that it’s cool how Ren gets his deck out. It’s like that gun thing where you swing your arm and it flies into your hand from your sleeve. Completely forgot the name of the thing or which movie it came from but you know what I mean. If it helps The Simpsons did a skit of it with Moe and a mirror.

Anyways this could prove to be quite interesting. As I’ve said I think Ren should win, it is against Suiko after all, so I’m quite curious at how this turns out. But again he could lose here and it’ll only be up to Aichi to save the day. Another ‘route’ is him also being taken in like Kai as he’s easily influenced by power, like in the first season, but I don’t believe Suiko’s as persuasive as evil Takuto.

So then, Suiko with Link Joker, very likely that more units will be revealed regardless of the outcome and abilities made clearer.