RWBY counts as anime, doesn’t it? Well, screw it. It does now.

RWBY’s a very fricking good CGI animated series from one of the greatest companies on Earth: Rooster Teeth, who have previously brought us Red v Blue, amongst other things. And it was created from the genius mind of one Monty Oum. Have to thank them for that. Comedic, action-y, well-animated: there’s nothing I dislike about it so far. I recommend it to anime fans, despite it not technically being one.

Anyway, RWBY was introduced to us through 4 colour-coded trailers, which revealed the 4 main characters. And all were backed by compositions by Jeff Williams. If anyone knows anything about me, it’s this: in my mind, series can be made or broken based on background music and opening/ending themes, regardless of content. Luckily, Jeff Williams is also a genius, so there’s no worry.

‘This Will Be The Day’ is the opening of the actual RWBY series, and its pretty nice. Written by Jeff Williams and sung by his daughter Casey Lee, it wouldn’t go amiss in an actual Eastern-animated series. And its bloody addictive to listen to.


Opening Version


Full Version


I would normally end here with some random crap, but I’ll actually be all “support this series if you like what you see”. From iTunes. Or Rooster Teeth. Or something. Or whatever.