Eternal Marionette

Key Events

Ren enters Asaka’s room and unsurprisingly meets a Reversed Asaka who after some ‘trash talking’ get their duel started.

During the duel Asaka lets out her emotions about how she’s always been trying to catch up to strong people so that Ren would look at her. But no matter how hard she tried there would always be someone Ren had his eyes on, like Aichi and Kai for example.

However Ren refutes that claim and prepares to show her his ‘angered’ side.


I thought the smart move would be for Ren to send Suiko away first so she can let everyone else know what’s going on. They must’ve gathered that everyone else would be worried. Or maybe they’re not aware that Kourin has been missing as Suiko has been under the spell for a long time. Even so it would’ve been nice to warn everyone of the incoming danger. Unless Ren has already decided to sort everything out himself so he doesn’t burden anyone else.

On a side note, I may be late in noticing as I’ve been skipping through the opening theme since arriving in China. But the opening animation has changed and it’s now included Team Caesar and Team Dreadnought in it. That seems to me like they’ll make an appearance soon in this arc to help sort this crisis out. Again, I’m wondering where that leaves the high school championships. I’m thinking there’s a very slight possibility that Aichi’s team and a team created by Kai will both get wild card positions and enter the tournament so they can break Kai out of the spell there. But I think that’d be a long shot, not that I would mind seeing it happen though.

I quite like Asaka reversed. She’s already a bit creepy playing with puppets/dolls and having a circus theme with big beasts and stuff. Reversed doubles that fun with extra creepy doll talk. I loved it, I thought it suited her much more so than her usual fun, cheery and Ren-obsessed self.

Keeping on the subject of Asaka, I wonder why she’s still able to use Pale Moon even though she’s reversed? Can only some people switch clans to Link Joker? Or is Asaka’s attachment to Pale Moon too strong to break? Or is she like Ishida and will wield a ‘Reverse’ card so she has to stick with her original clan as she’s not powerful enough? We can at least see how easy she was to join the dark side with that power seeking determination inside her just to get the attention of her beloved.

Younger Ren looks so weird. I’m pretty sure he didn’t look like that in the first season. He needs more hair to make that extravagant outfit work. Either that or a more mature face. Still looks like a kid with that face of his which does not suit his clothing sense at that time.

I kinda feel sorry for Kyou. He finally makes it back onto the screen and it’s nothing more than comic relief to fill in gaps in between the dueling so we can take a breather.

Lastly, that heal trigger when the score was at 5-1 was way too predictable. Of course he was gonna get one to even the score to show how ‘amazing’/lucky he is.

Anyways, he looks like he’s about to bring out some big guns next ride, a new grade 3 maybe? We’ve been seeing Mordred too much lately you’d think Ren’s due an upgrade already. Though that said Asaka’s probably not worth it. If anyone is, it’s Tetsu who’s probably the last boss in this building. So I’ll wait until then to see a new card… hopefully.