Last Chance

Key Events

Asaka’s duel continues with her bringing out a new Reverse card, Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier “Reverse”. But it isn’t strong enough to finish off Ren.

After a heart warming speech with a second break ride, Ren’s words finally reach Asaka and he wins his second in a row.

Ren makes his way to the final at the very top of the building, Tetsu.


And at last we see the return of ‘R’ cards. I remember saying that I was expecting one this time seeing as Asaka didn’t switch to Link Joker and it seemed like they forgot about all this reverse card business. But it’s back and as far as I see it, it’s to compensate not using Link Joker so she receives a more powerful version of her key card instead. Though that said Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier “Reverse” is hardly anything special. I thought it’d be far stronger than the original but it’s just a bad card that doesn’t really do much worthy of it being a Reverse card. The only thing ‘good’ about it is the 13k power with Luquier in soul. Apart from that it’s unimpressive.

A few small things to comment on. Everytime someone’s about to ride a grade 3 or their ‘avatar’ or a ‘big’ ride, I’m always expecting them to make some huge speech now. Also Asaka’s always wanted to be with Ren, at least being Reversed she’s got a redish aura to match Ren’s.

Doesn’t look like Kai stayed to enjoy the show. Shame, I had a bit of hope that he’d be the final boss at the top after Tetsu. Oh well, guess he’s already left in search for Aichi or other strong opponents. He’ll probably come back for Ren later. Tetsu will be a difficult boss, I don’t think he’ll change to Link Koker, or rather I don’t want him to as I wanna see Amon Reverse. But so far, correct me if I’m wrong, all the crossride units, at least the Reverse ones, I’ve seen are 11k units. If it stays that way then Amon can’t become crossriden, perhaps that means he’ll use Link Joker? Though he may use one of his other many grade 3 Dark Irregulars. I even watched the trailer but that showed nothing about units used, keeps me guessing though.

I feel that this has been too easy so far, but maybe Takuto underestimated Ren thinking he’ll lose to someone here after having to go through everyone. Or perhaps he didn’t predict Kai’s movements enough and thought Kai would stick around. Needless to say Ren must be high on Takuto’s priority list for Reversal. He’ll probably save Tetsu and everything is fine here then he goes to warn Aichi about everything, would be one of many predictable storylines to follow. But I’d like to see Kai return and also I’m still wondering about Kourin and Rekka. If they’re Reversed then I think they’re trying to catch someone alone, but the more likely possibility is that they’re in hiding, in their mysterious PSY shop that no one can track down. Or maybe not as Takuto can, I dunno, but they’re hiding pretty well if they are. I doubt they’re actually busy with idol stuff, way too convenient if so.