Tale 1 and Tale 2

Key Events

The first episode sums up the first part of the Rozen Maiden manga.

The second episode begins the alternate universe story where Jun chose not to wind and he continues his current life.

We start at a train station where Jun starts to think that something’s wrong. We learn he works in the storage room of a convenience store, didn’t go to high school but somehow is in college and lives on his own now. He blames those two years in highschool that pulled him down and wishes he can redo them.

One day at work Jun discovers a ‘Build your doll’ weekly magazine that gives you parts every week so you can build your own Rozen Maiden. He takes volume 1 home and finds volume 2 already sitting in his apartment. The magazine gives the parts, tools and instructions to make the fifth doll, Shinku.

He pulls all nighters and sleepless nights to try and get the doll finished. During that time, the girl at the shop he works at sees him tired a lot and decides to walk home with him to get to know each other. She’s an understudy at a theatre school and has to work to pay for her tuition and living expenses, so much so that she’s working more than at school.

Jun receives a message from his high school self asking for help against Kirakisho’s. The past Jun explains that he’s the Jun that chose to wind and because of a time difference between the universes he’s still in highschool. He then goes on to explain the plotline of the first manga. But his last message is cut off and a letter comes for Jun, a cancellation notice of the build your doll magazine.


I think this is the first time I’ve done a two episode linked blog. The main reason I did it is because the first episode is pretty much a summary of the 8 volumes of the first part of the Rozen Maiden manga. And I don’t blog summary episodes, but since it is the first episode I can’t not blog it. Also I’m late with blogs and I haven’t continuously blogged everyday for ages so it’s a bit more tiring than I thought with everything else going on meaning this makes my life easier with one less blog.

Anyway the two episodes begin the second part of the manga which is what I was hoping to watch so I’m glad that they’re finally showing the continuation after such a long wait. As a Rozen Maiden fan I’ve been waiting for this sequel for many years. For those who don’t follow the manga or haven’t read the original I’d recommend giving it a read as there are differences and this season will be a direct continuation of the first 8 volumes as far as I’m aware. Since you’re watching this then you must be a fan as well so there’s nothing wrong with having a look at the manga.

The second episode showed us Jun if he continued being the shut-in he was all those years ago. It was a relaxed start showing us more of Jun. This was nice to see as the first series mainly focused on the dolls and it made me wonder if Jun was actually the main character. He seemed more of a ‘tool’ and a support  character to the dolls who were the main characters. So it’s good that he’s being focused on now and we see him a bit more, how he acts, what he’s actually like in the outside world etc.

Interesting to see a girl other than Jun’s sister enter his life who’s also not another doll owner. I don’t remember Jun having any sort of love interest, although he is at the ‘right’ age and that new girl does seem like a very good candidate for a love interest. She’s not involved in anything now so they know each other through none plot related circumstances, I see that as a good sign for a relationship. Then again, I don’t think we’ve heard her name yet, maybe she’s only here for this episode. I mean she’s helping but it could be out of pity. Have to wait and see if she introduces herself more next episode. If so, then I’d like to see her turn into his love interest if she doesn’t get scared off by a guy playing with dolls. Or worse still, if she catches him with doll limbs hanging around the place, that’d creep most people out.

So far it looks like they’re gonna get Shinku back into commission first after her ‘death’ from the first part. So it’s basically rebuilding Shinku from her pulled apart parts that they can get. I’m assuming the magazine was cancelled as they couldn’t get all her parts from the battle as I’m expecting Kirakisho not to be easily fooled and she’s caught on. How he’s gonna get the other parts is gonna be difficult, there’s nothing for it, he’s either gotta go fetch them, how I don’t know, or the other Jun can sneak them out. Sneak them out or go fetch are the only two options I see. Either way it’s not gonna be easy.

But anyway it’s a good start, enjoying it a lot so far. Left a good impression with the first two episodes, I didn’t mind the quick recap, was good to see as I forget quickly and it summed up all the main points of the plot from the manga. Looking forward to seeing Shinku again after so long.