The Traitor General

Key Events

Tetsu and Ren share a flashback of when they first met. Which was in weird circumstances where Tetsu was a head of some gang and Ren was just a weird little kid who wanted a duel with him. Ren managed to convince Tetsu to duel and unsurprisingly Tetsu really enjoyed that kind of ‘fight’ and fought Ren until he had won.


This was just a massive flashback episode. It was a nice flashback though. Who’d have guessed that Tetsu was a gang leader before all this. I had thought he was just a loner or punk type of guy who liked to fight with fists. He never struck me as a ‘group’ guy. Odd thing is he didn’t do anything to Ren when Ren was brought to him, you’d think the gang leader would be the one to do something to show the others how tough he was, so I found that weird. I thought Ren would get beat up but then still want to duel Tetsu to convince him to duel. And Tetsu would see him as someone who doesn’t give up, then honour him with a duel and like him and Vanguard after that.

I also found it odd that that Tetsu actually had good flashbacks even when reversed. I thought he might’ve had something he harboured against Ren like Asaka’s dangerous love. But no, it was all good memories, and even evil, Tetsu still wanted the best for him. A loyal retainer indeed. Hardly a traitor in any respect.

Interestingly Tetsu is still using dark irregulars and more interestingly he’s still using Amon. So will there be a reversed Amon? A 10k crossride unit will be a first but still, I don’t think they’ll do it. I guess the easier option would be just to make the Amon Reverse an 11k grade 3. That 1k power would then become part of the upgrade that comes with the crossride.

So yeah, nice to see more of Ren’s past, but apart from that there’s nothing more to say, it was just a flashback episode with limited dueling.