Kingmaker in the Moonlight

Key Events

Kourin hacks through the door security and she and Asaka arrive at the duel with both Ren and Tetsu on grade 3s.

Tetsu’s declares a final turn after Ren fails to beat him with a break ride, and rides Demon Marquis, Amon Reverse. He fails to win also, so Ren finishes the duel with Ragin Form Dragon’s limit break and brings Tetsu back.

Downstairs, Kyou and a member of Brilliant Stars start a duel just as Ren arrive. Although they both want to duel Ren they have to finish up first. Ren takes this opportunity and leaves them to it to exit the building.

He arrives at Miyaji Academy to ask for Kourin. However Kourin appears out of nowhere and seems absolutely fine. So Aichi and Kourin head into school together.


Kourin and Rekka popped out of nowhere. Last thing I expected was to see them here. I honestly thought they were in hiding because they know what’s going, but seems not. Seems too convenient that they reappear right when Ren gets out of his predicament and suspects something. Like if it was planned, but on closer inspection neither of them looked ‘Reversed’ so leaves me to wonder what’s going on. I don’t believe this is coincidental and they were all too busy with idol work as Suiko should’ve known about it or they should’ve been wondering where Suiko was. So it’s going to be interesting what Takuto has planned for those two. Probably an ‘ambush’ duel against Aichi, or the other members of the vanguard club as they’re probably an easier target.

The great Amon did get a reverse card then and as I thought, a buff of 1k power, they can’t have a 10k crossride it looks like. 11k Amon is actually quite nice considering how strong his usual ability is. So 13k with Amon in soul and the ability for +1 crit in exchange for one locked unit. A fair trade I think as that locked unit could be helping another unit to get that extra damage, instead it’s giving it straight to Amon. More putting your eggs in one basket I think. It’s not too bad, but again like all the Reverse cards I’ve seen so far, nothing overwhelmingly strong.

Weird that I’m saying this, but I’ve gotten a little tired of seeing Mordred and Raging Form Dragon constantly. With all these duels you’d think the producers would use this opportunity to release an entire new set of Shadow Paladin, but nope, stick with the old. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just that the duel’s are too predictable because for one thing you know he’s going to win, and another when he does he’ll break ride Mordred or Raging on top of Mordred. But hey, I say this now I know that come a few episodes later I’m gonna miss seeing Ren’s dueling.

Next up then, it’s likely they’ll turn back to Kai so he Reverses more people, either that or he’s going straight for Aichi. But I feel the creators won’t do that as that means ending this arc pretty much because Aichi will win and get Kai back. So Kai will Reverse more people and this time it might be Aichi galloping to the rescue. Who he’ll reverse? I’m hoping for some older characters like Team Handsome as that would bring Kamui back, or older Teams like that Jurassic Army, that said none of us know where they’ve gone. Or maybe he’ll target Card Capital, I believe SIT genius are still around there so perhaps them.

Note: I’m going to take a day break tomorrow in my constant daily posting. Not because I’m tired or anything but because I’m going far away for a day to view some flats around where I will be working in a few weeks time. I will be out for the entire day and so not going to be at home, meaning I won’t be able to write anything today to post tomorrow. But I’ll resume my daily posting tomorrow when I get back.