Yuri’s Medal

Key Events

Unsure of what’s wrong with Kenji, Yuri decides a duel is the best way to find out.

She reminisces about when she and Gai were looking to form a team and in stepped a very weak Kenji. But he wanted to improve so she accepted him into the team, taught him and was even inspired by him to change to Dimension Police.

Back to the duel, Kenji shows Yuri his new card, Reverse Daiyusha and Yuri desperately pleads to have the old Kenji back. However Kenji’s new card is too strong and Yuri loses becoming reversed herself.


Unsurprisingly Yuri lost and also became reversed. I think although Yuri winning would’ve been a good character development for her, it would’ve ended this part of the arc too early. However I think we got something better in their back story.

I found it surprising that Kenji originally was a weak fighter but through hard work he earned his strength. He always seemed extremely laid back, so kinda made me think he was naturally talented and became laid back because he didn’t need to do much work. However that was completely wrong, he works hard behind the scenes so he can be laid back when it gets to it. Would explain why he went to study at SIT, hoping to better himself with more studying and I bet he worked harder than anyone there. I find it ironic that he’s called the Emporer, someone who’s usually born into that position rather than gotten there with hard work.

To be honest, I think that’s how people should live their lives. Don’t be so overly serious all the time, yes do your work, whatever it is, to the best of your abilities and spend time on it to get it right. But after that, enjoy yourself, relax, even if you’re at work, because you know you’ve done everything right. I like Kenji, I find him to be a person who knows when to do work and when to play and I also find that in real life many people don’t. They either play around too much and don’t do enough work, or do too much work and never enjoy themselves properly. There’s always a healthy balance, it may not be the same for everyone but there always is a balance between the two. In today’s modern world it’s getting more and more difficult to find that balance.

Yeah… some life advice from me, ha, though I guess I’m not in a good position to talk as for the last year I’ve been doing too much messing around whilst trying to get a job. But I’m going into that job now, so I guess I’m just reminding myself that not to get too caught up with work, but also not to mess about too much either.

Anyway…. back to anime. I’m actually rather enjoying these episodes now, also helps that this episode was kinda touching. I’ve realised that we haven’t seen Aichi properly in quite a few episodes but we have however been able to dig deeper into the personalities and back stories of some of the huge cast of Vanguard minor/side characters. Always good when we get closer with the rest of the cast making them more ‘3D’. Also looks like Leon’s back right on time to follow my predictions into next episode. However, I think it’d be more interesting to see Leon reversed rather than win seeing as he was once possessed by Void, it’d be like greeting an old friend.