Third BGM song, from one of the very few mecha anime I’ve liked, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I’ve always disliked mecha. Always avoided if I could, but during university the anime society I was in decided to watch Gurren Lagann as their series for a year so I thought I’ll give it a chance if everyone else liked it so much. And it seemed that was a good choice as I really enjoyed it. One particular BGM track in the anime really stood out for me and of those who’ve watched it may have an idea of what it is already. If you’ve guessed it already, good on you, if not, then I’ll tell you that it’s ‘Libera Me From Hell’ with music and arrangement by Iwasaki Taku.

One great song, probably left the biggest impression on me out of the whole anime. Apart from maybe the final battle scene where the mechas were throwing galaxies around. That was quite a surreal moment.

Note: And now I’m going to tell you unfortunate news that I’ll be very busy for at least 2 weeks. First of all, I’m moving into my new flat on Tuesday so packing at the moment and going to be traveling a lot and will be setting up my place etc then I start work. The week after that I will be on a one week training camp with no internet so needless to say I won’t be able to blog. I may have to fall behind once again but it won’t be as much this time. And another thing is that I need to see how much time left after work I have everyday to see if I can accommodate writing two blogs a week, it shouldn’t be a problem as I can get two done during weekend if I have to.