Tale 7

Key Events

Jun’s improved his tea making skills and is even complimented by Shinku.

Having not slept in a case for a long time, Suigintou has become ‘ill’, so Shinku lends her case to her.

Jun buys a picture book about dolls at work. He also picks up two more volumes for the doll making magazine. A text from younger Jun comes telling him to hurry. He feels depressed as he has nothing in this world but luckily Nori calls him and gets him out of his slump.

Jun gives the picture book to Shinku and reads it with her.

After Shinku sleeps, Jun carries on making his doll but is spotted by Suigintou who makes a deal with him for him to act as her medium for now so she won’t tell Shinku about him making this other doll. He makes his own deal and agrees only if Suigintou sleeps in Shinku’s case in the daytime as he knows it’s dangerous for a doll not to sleep in a case for too long.

We see the younger Jun, hidden away by Canaria in a dimension full of computers. He’s using one and has internet access so is communicating with Mitsu and the older Jun via email/text. He was also greeted by the rabbit who helped him set up the magazine for older Jun to make Shinku, but he’s not sure whether the rabbit’s friend or foe and can’t trust him fully.

Jun realises that older Jun is being manipulated from the messages he’s been sending about making a new doll. He hopes that older Jun will realize and not fall for the trap.


Perhaps I was a bit too optimistic, seems the harsh truths from Jun’s manager have actually had a negative impact. But I guess when someone’s been so negative all his life, it’s not so easy to pick yourself back up when you’ve been lying on the ground all the time. At least he’s improving his tea making skills… pleasing Shinku is certainly not the easiest of things. As a lover of tea myself, even I don’t do as much as she demands, though perhaps I should try and see if it makes a difference. But yeah, he’s getting somewhere at least. Quality of living has sorta gone up. He still needs self confidence and optimism. But having led a very one sided life of looking at only those who laughed at him and not those who thought his talents were good, it’s going to make that difficult. He has talent and needs to realise it is talent.

His type of scenario isn’t rare though it happens in school a lot, there are always ‘cool’ kids who usually don’t do as well in their studying but were always deemed to be role models who may bully or sneer at the ‘nerds’. But in the end it’s the people with talent that get what they want, if they work hard and have the ambition. Also depends on if they can ignore the bullies and carry on with their life normally. Something that Jun failed in unfortunately.

An interesting question from Shinku this episode, why would you preserve things? Many reasons, just to name a few: to keep a record of everything; to remember what happened; to remind ourselves what we used to be; to push ourselves to improve from the past; to prove that we were once here; to compensate for a lack of memory etc. I think some of those reasons overlap, but you get my point. However I suppose it’s like what Shinku said, the main thing is to prove that certain events or people existed, if everyone forgot then it’ll be like it never happened and that would be sad.

You may not believe me, but I started thinking that if Jun makes the doll, Kirakisho could take advantage of an empty shell and take control of it like how Shinku made it to this universe, and the possibility of a trap was revealed. So yeah, it is probably a trap, and the only person to set it would indeed be Kirakisho. And here I was getting caught up in the idea that he could be a ‘real’ doll maker. Though still, that shouldn’t be ruled out, still could be true, may need someone like that to make the doll so it’s inhabitable by a Rosa Mystica, or Shinku was a special case because it was still Jun himself, but I’d like to think Jun was meant for something greater.

Finally we see the ‘original’ Jun. Good to see that he’s doing well in a space full of computers and with wifi access as well. What more can a guy want in this time and age? That’s all he needs to get by, well and food and drink I suppose.

That Demon of Laplace, seems to know everything. I don’t think anyone knows what he does or who he is or if he’s friend of foe. But at the moment he at least seems to be helping younger Jun. I think he’s neutral and helps out everyone here and there, he’s probably the one who helped Kirakisho deliver the new doll making stuff to older Jun as he knows which door he’s in. I wouldn’t trust him, but at least he doesn’t look like he’s going to do any direct harm.

Now we see if Jun will realize it’s a trap. Unlikely, however Suigintou knows what he’s doing, perhaps she’ll see the trap and do something. Kirakisho’s still her enemy after all, she’s bound to act if she senses something off. Also I just remembered seeing Shinku cry when she was sleeping, what could that be about?