What’s a SOTW BGM series without a BGM song from my favourite BGM filled anime Guilty Crown. From this OST my three favourites were BIOS, Home ~in this corner~ and the last one which I haven’t made a post about, Hill of Sorrow by Sawano Hiroyuki feat mpi, or Hill of Sorry as it was spelt by me last year in February in Home ~in this corner~ ‘s SOTW by mistake.

No more Guilty Crown BGM soundtracks from me now that I’ve gotten to post about my favourite 3, probably not anyway. They’re all good and I can’t recommend them enough, especially if you haven’t seen the anime and don’t know them. And although Guilty Crown probably won’t make my top 10, it’s still one of my favourite anime and I recommend watching that as well. But I must ask that you are patient with it. The first part of it did bore me a bit but I’m glad I stuck with the anime as the second half got really interesting, though only if you knew the first half.

Note: Just a reminder then, I’m off for an entire week next week for training and will have literally no internet access for the entire week. I will fall behind once again, I acknowledged this, so will make every effort to catch up next weekend. So for now, see you all in a week. Hopefully some of the other bloggers here can do something… but don’t get your hopes up I guess.