Dark Dimensional Combination! Reversed Daiyusha

Key Events

Whilst shopping for a 3 day camping trip, Aichi and gang stumble across an advert on TV for the highschool vanguard championships and Ren is favourite to win.

Leon is preparing for the highschool championships at the airport when he is greeted by Kenji who wants a fight. After hearing that Kenji beat Ren once, Leon obliges and Sharlene and Jillian face a member of SIT genius each.

Leon is slowly pushed into a corner in his fight whilst Sharlene and Jillian lose their matches and become reversed.


Yay another random scene with Aichi. In my opinion I think they feel guilty about giving the side characters so much screen time and pushing Aichi to the side so they want to give him a bit of screen time now and then. No idea why they’d feel guilty as I’m enjoying the side characters, however it’s one possible reason to why Aichi pops up here and there at random not contributing much, if anything, to the story.

Looks like they haven’t completely neglected the high school championships and is still acknowledging its existence. However it seems that they’re using it more like an excuse to get all these stronger Vanguard Fighters back to face each other, rather than using it in the plot itself as the huge tournament it’s meant to be.

Anyways, to the duel at hand. My prediction was that Leon comes in to save Kenji, but it seems the probability of that happening decreased. I didn’t expect Sharlene and Jillian to lose so quickly, in fact I didn’t expect them to duel. However because they did and lost, this’ll put a huge amount of pressure on Leon. He is considerably ‘outnumbered’ and must have also lost some fighting spirit and confidence due to Sharlene and Jillian switching sides. So all signs point to a loss. But I’d love to see some shounen fight back with some inspirational speech that may snap Sharlene and Jillian out of their spell and then Leon claims victory against a stunned Kenji. However if that was to happen I think it’d end this part a bit too quickly, and whilst I do want to get to what Kai’s up to, I still would like to see Aichi take some part in this arc and beat a reversed Leon.

Also nice to see some more back story for Leon, showing the strong relationship between him and Sharlene and Jillian. Which makes it that much more devastating when they were both turned against him. So whatever happens in the rest of the duel, he’s going to struggle a bit.