Tight-knit Ship

Key events

The duel continues with Leon on the back foot. However he constantly speaks up for himself bringing confidence back winning him the duel with a break ride and a new card.

Having brought back Kenji, he and Leon team up to turn the rest of the group back to normal giving everyone a happy reunion.


Yay the wind comes through for Leon and so does my predictions. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing as I said last episode I would’ve liked to see Aichi get in on some action, but they don’t want him to do anything just yet. This part has ended a little too quick for my taste, there are no more reversed fighters left in Japan apart from Takuto himself and I don’t think he’ll personally make a move. So that means we’re gonna move on and hopefully find out what Kai’s up to.

Duel was alright, introducing some new cards from Aqua Force but not of much interest, no reversed for them. And although Kenji lost I still think the duel showed how threatening Reverse Daiyusha is, especially if you’re against it 2 grades behind.

Also, being evil really doesn’t suit Kenji. Even his evil laugh is hilariously bad, it sounds so uncomfortably forced and sounds like those times when your voice suddenly goes awkwardly high. A laughing matter more than a serious evil laugh.

I think the only reason Sharlene and Jillian were crying was because the wind was too strong and it was making their eyes water. As far as I can see they weren’t blinking through that sudden burst of wind so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case.

It doesn’t seem to be back onto Kai just yet from the episode preview. Looks like some very minor characters are about to make a reappearance along with Aichi and his Vanguard Club. Perhaps it’s something to do with the high school championship, we have everyone that we know who are in it all in Japan now, so the tournament should be able to start soon. Or it’s some training trip with everyone else and more of a filler than any story development. Hopefully not the latter, although that said, it looks quite fun either way, always nice to see minor characters more and more, especially with the main character involved.