Six weeks and my BGM run through on SOTW will finish today. So to end things off I will post about a BGM from one of the first anime I watched, an anime I started somewhere around 1 or 2 years after starting Pokemon and also an anime I still need to catch up on as I only watched the Chinese dub. If you know my watchlist then you’ll know already that it’s Detective Conan/Case Closed. From this I’d like you to have a listen to Shin Detective Conan’s Main theme on Sax by Katsuo Ohno.

Probably the most familiar and well known BGM from Conan seeing as it’s the one played whenever something ‘big’ happens. Or at least that’s how I remember it, haven’t seen it in about 3 months. I usually wait until I go back to China and find discs of the Chinese dub to watch, but couldn’t find any this time round. So I’ve reluctantly decided to start watching the subbed version. However a big problem is as soon as I got back from China my free time depleted so fast that I barely have time to watch my usual set of anime. So I’ve decided to stall it for a bit until at least next season where I won’t pick as much to watch because of work and then slowly catch up, I’m around 150 episodes behind and I know the finale is approaching, at least that’s what I keep hearing, so don’t spoil anything.

So yeah, a great theme for a great anime, enjoy and I hope you enjoyed my short BGM run through. May do one again sometime or maybe have another theme, but for now it’s back to ‘normal’ SOTWs and Raven will be back up next Sunday to do his.