Tale 10

Key Events

Feeling helpless, Jun wants to make a contract with Shinku to help her as he feels guilty about bringing Kirakisho here. However with that everyone other doll there also wants a contract with Jun.

Kirakisho calls a temporary truce and lets Jun ‘decide’ who he wants the contract with, although she just hangs him up and forces him to choose her. However everyone intervenes and Jun accidentally kisses a ring to seal the contract. It turns out to be Souseiseki’s ring who’s body kicks out Kirakisho and now needs Suigintou to return the Rosa Mystica. But Suigintou refuses to give it up.

Suiseiseki gives Souseiseki her own Rosa Mystica and they are suddenly transported away. The dolls are dragged to Kirakisho’s world whilst Jun finally meets younger Jun in world zero. They have a short chat which raises older Jun’s motivation and spirit which breaks world zero. Older Jun vows to change his life around and says to meet again in the future.

Souseiseki is revived and says she will ‘put everything right’ and then return Suiseiseki’s Rosa Mystica.

Canaria tells Jun that the world he goes back to may not be the world he knows. Because Shinku arrived and her time is now up, the world should rewind to how it was before Shinku arrived as though it never happened. Unless he returns with all the other Rozen Maidens.

Jun follows a string attached to him from Kirakisho and finds everyone in huge blocks of crystal and with Canaria’s help, they break it down. After reuniting with everyone Canaria points to the big clock above them and says that is the key.


Kirakisho was very nicely depicted in this episode. That ring on tongue was not what I was expecting and that finger licking was weird too. But oddly it suited the demented Kirakisho and I think they’re putting her personality across nicely. She doesn’t get much screen time apart from talking and certainly hasn’t been acquainted with us as much as the other dolls so some high impact actions to nail down her personality is a good idea. And again I may be biased but I think they did it right, they didn’t overload it with sick mannerisms that make them less effective or only have a small one and no one notices. They did it during an important event where a contract is involved so everyone’s paying attention.

Whilst Jun may not be making it in real life at least he’s popular with the ladies here, even if they’re dolls…

Some things were said that I remember like ‘where you truly belong’ and ‘the original’ in terms of worlds. But I don’t believe you can say that seeing as it’s just two different timelines no one can say for sure which is the original and which isn’t. I do like Shinku’s reasoning where she said that mankind can only change its future, not saying I agree with it though, because that brings up the question of is there only one future, as in is everything predetermined. Whatever your choices are, were they already set ages ago etc. I won’t go into that as that’s just a hole I’ll start digging and never get out of, this kind of discussion is only fun when you’re drunk and have a lot of free time. I have neither free time nor alcohol these days. Work is indeed quite busy, actually glad I cut it down to two anime blogs each week.

I have a lot more respect for Suiseiseki, who knew she was such a tactician. A very well planned attack from her to bring Souseiseki back. Although it was still lucky, Kirakisho, being as unpredictable as she is could’ve easily ruined her plans if she didn’t let her guard down. But speaking about that, it felt a little too easy to have won against Kirakisho in the real world. Again, it was a good plan but it went according to plan too easily. I feel that it was a little rushed, I think this’ll be the first time I criticize the anime but I feel this battle could’ve been nicely panned out over more than just two episodes, and the almighty Kirakisho shouldn’t lose so easily. And also older Jun finally meets younger Jun and they part ways after a few minutes, I thought they’d end up working together to defeat Kirakisho. But no, she fell too easily and they didn’t have enough time together. If this is what happened in the manga it’s probably much more spaced out and would read better.

I think Suigintou will probably give in at the very end and give the Rosa Mystica back. She seems to have ‘softened up’ ever since everyone’s teamed up and older Jun helped her along a bit too. And if Souseiseki can be revived like this perhaps Hinaichigo can also be revived somehow too? Though that said I can’t remember the circumstances for both of their deaths so perhaps there were conditions to their ‘deaths’ that makes Suiseiseki revivable and not Hinaichigo.

Last thing to add to my opinion that it’s gone too fast is that Canaria broke that crystal too easily, you wouldn’t think Kirakisho’s defences were that week. And I’m not quite sure what Canaria was talking about with regards to the key. The key to what exactly? Go back home? Stop the rewind that’s happening in Jun’s world? Find Kirakisho? Yeah, wasn’t clear on that, I’m assuming it has something to do with older Jun’s world seeing as it looks like the clock that brought them here.

Looks like a visit to Laplace’s demon next episode and perhaps clearing up some things, not that there’s much to clear up. But perhaps he’ll at least say what part he plays, apart from a delivery person. And it looks like they’ll also find the place where Shinku is, whether that opens up a new arc for the search or they find it in next episodes is what I want to find out. Then maybe the two Jun’s will work together and travel around the n-field and also fight Kirakisho too, turning into some sort of shounen… nah… probably won’t happen. I would like to see some more magical doll fighting, though that’s just me. I’ll most likely enjoy it whatever way the story turns now, unless it ends in the next two episodes which then I’ll be disappointed that it isn’t longer as I’m pretty sure the manga hasn’t finished, though then I can just hope for a next season but I’d rather not wait…