Camping Trip

Key Events

Aichi and his school go on a trip into the mountains. The council is hoping orienteering in the mountains will embarrass the cardfight club in front of the whole school causing their reputation to drop. As they go about the physical exercise, Kourin starts to act a little off.

The council’s plan backfires as the cardfight club is first to finish the orienteering and increases their reputation.

The council’s next scheme is to have a full house on their speech about globalisation. However the American football club makes so much noise and attracts everyone to watch the vanguard highschool championships instead. We join the action at the final game with the deciding match between Ren and Leon. Then we skip ahead to both of them on 5 damage. The match finishes with Ren’s victory and motivates everyone to try out vanguard.

Kourin stands outside looking over a lake thinking about the next day.


Yeah, making something English automatically makes everything global. Fact.

Moving on, I still think Kourin’s very suspicious, disappearing until they finally suspect something and then appearing as though nothing’s happened. It’s all too coincidental in my opinion. She’s also been acting very odd and looks ‘off’ all episode. I feel like something’s definitely going to happen in this trip, maybe a nice plot development involving void and Kourin perhaps, or maybe something else like a bit of romance. If she is reversed perhaps she’s able to ‘switch it on and off’, so can put up a normal person facade and then when she has Aichi alone, she’ll change back to reversed and duel him. Or it’s romance related as this trip seems to be about that as well, especially more towards Misaki, however it could be Kourin that makes a move first. The typical tree legend does point towards a romance related event.

I still wonder how the vanguard club ended up first in that race. They weren’t even aiming to win. They were enjoying the scenery, contemplating about which way to go and taking it slowly and steadily. How everyone else lost is a huge mystery to me, unless everyone went a wrong direction and got completely lost. I guess Misaki’s memory certainly helps with not getting lost.

Well it’s nice to see the high school championship get some screen time, but unfortunately that was it, a bit of screen time and the final moves of the final duel which gave Ren the win. Disappointed that Aichi wasn’t able to enter in the end and is only watching, but at least they gave vanguard some more attention in their school, much to the irritation of the council. I was also thinking that the council could’ve ‘got them’ if they had the tournament as they’d have to be here and not at the tournament. Although I suppose you can’t stop them from going to such a big tournament for a club even if it’s a TCG. But yeah, shame they skipped the duel, Leon vs Ren would’ve been nice to watch. Just more evidence they want to move on to the next event, which is probably to do with Kai.

Fun episode actually, one of the few filler episodes I’ve not minded blogging, maybe because I’ve missed seeing Aichi, but probably because it was nice to see a bigger take up of vanguard and see the council’s plans crushed. Always fun with the council around. And I say filler, but it might turn into something plot related if Kourin is reversed, but looks unlikely at this moment. Probably an episode or two more of this trip, a rest from the reversed arcs of Ren and Leon before the next big arc and also sort out Kourin’s thing too, whatever it is.