Hey, it’s me again. I’ve been busy (-ier than usual) recently, so it’s kind of nice to be back. And to get us back onto normal SOTW songs, let’s do this…

It’s a combination of a very well-known anime, even for most “satellite” anime fans, and a brilliant band, who usually rank in my top 10 during any one week: Code Geass and Jinn, respectively.

I’ve previously blogged Jinn (Vuena Vista was the song, if you remember) even though it had no anime link, and I’ve previously blogged a Code Geass song (COLORS by FLOW, if you remember, SOTW #2!), so now you get both together.

And it’s awesome! For me, it’s probably Hiitan’s vocals.

Too bad Code Geass has mecha, otherwise I’d probably like it, with themes like this.


TV Version


Full Version