Tale 11

Key Events

The clock is the key to resume time so everyone can return to their own worlds, and they just need to get it working again. Souseiseki says she can get the clock working, but only with Suiseiseki’s help.

Younger Jun finds himself in a forest and is greeted by Laplace’s Demon. He ignores him as he still doesn’t trust him. However he does help Jun locate Shinku and also tells him that he’s the referee.

Souseiseki makes a deal to return her Rosa Mystica to Suigintou as soon as the clock moves again. This also should alleviate some of the guilt that Suigintou feels for the cowardly way she obtained the Rosa Mystica in the first place as she’ll give it to her of her own free will. She lies to Suiseiseki saying that Suigintou gave the Rosa Mystica back.

Older Jun makes the wish to put everything back so that the play will be able to resume and finish. They start the clock but Kirakisho’s lurking around. She grabs Souseiseki but older Jun saves her and tells Kirakisho she’s not needed which causes her pain and her death.

The clock moves again to the worlds as Shinku’s real body is awakened. The Shinku with older Jun breaks apart and Souseiseki is about to complete her end of the deal.


I think Jun was too quick to shut out Laplace’s demon. Sure he doesn’t trust him and that’s not a surprise, but still it wouldn’t hurt to hear him out. And if Jun thinks it’s only a tactic to time waste then he can still keep moving as the demon talks. Anything he says can be a clue as to who he is, what he does and which side he’s on etc. And he helps Jun find Shinku anyway. So he’s a referee, although he intervenes a lot. Though I suppose that’s fine in many games involving referees as they do ‘intervene’, so to speak, and his decisions/actions will help out a certain side and it may not necessarily be the right decision/action. They’re not solely bystanders as they are involved, in which case I would’ve trusted him as he’s definitely a neutral party. But I would still be weary, Jun’s distrust is understandable and there weren’t any gains from Laplace’s demon being involved with him at that time anyway, not that he could see anyhow. But I think he will trust Laplace’s demon more so now if they meet again.

Have to say, it was a rather pitiful death for Kirakisho, and I can’t help feeling sorry for her. If she wasn’t as crazy and as demented I would’ve labeled Jun as the bad guy but unfortunately the loneliness and being without a body has driven her insane. Must’ve been painful for her to hear those words from Jun. She’s been unwanted all her life and just wanted the opposite, can’t blame her for being driven into insanity like that. I’m not standing up for her, but I do say that Jun was perhaps a tad harsh and I think they also should try to get to know Kirakisho before initiating into a fight straight away next time. Though might be too late now. A lot of mental villains tend to be misunderstood and all it takes to be friends is some understanding, sometimes anyway. I can’t remember the first half of the story but I definitely don’t remember them trying to talk to Kirakisho or understand her. I also think Kirakisho died too easily here. I feel it was in some respects a fitting end for her, but in other respects belittling her. I have looked around and I believe this series ends on 13 episodes meaning that Kirakisho is very likely dead so this would be her end. I still have mixed opinions but they’re not all bad.

Well, Suigintou did work together with the others, but she’s still the stubborn person that will be very difficult to change. I was thinking why can’t Suiseiseki do what Suigintou did and just snatch the Rosa Mystica away, it was rightfully hers anyway. Sure that’s playing dirty, but it’s Suigintou we’re talking about here, fight fire with fire.

Also I think Shinku should be fine now, just need her head and other stuff back together. Surely the Juns can work out something now that they have all the parts. With that it looks like things will end in the N-field and older Jun will return to his world hopefully a new man. Though that does mean he leaves into a world where dolls don’t exist, kinda sad that after getting involved quite deeply into everything he leaves without much to show, apart from the memories, experiences and his developments. Perhaps Suigintou will soften up enough and allow Souseiseki keep her Rosa Mystica and Jun will have her as company, and she’s excellent company. Though that may not be the case with his world originally not having dolls as it may disrupt something in the timelines or whatever, we’ll see on that. Also on a last note, that scene with Jun holding the head in the preview is sooooo damn creepy…