Back to some ‘normal’ SOTWs, and I’ll restart with a recommendation from a while ago when I started the BGM SOTW series. It’s a song that was inspired by Shiki no Uta by Nujabes from Samurai Champloo, if anyone was wondering how it related to anime. That’s enough of a relation for me so here is Four In by Knox Hill and John the Unlimited.

I’m always willing to help give a bit of publicity to people with talent. It’s very hard to make it to any degree in today’s world and that’s a harsh reality. I think these guys clearly have talent and I enjoyed the song. I know something like this isn’t big but every little helps right? But anyways yeah, I quite liked it, so I’m recommending it to everyone else, if you like it too, you should do the same. Sometimes it feels good to help each other out.

Back to college for three days and then got 2 exams lined up to take when I’m ready. As you can expect this will slow down the blogs a bit, so just a warning that I may fall behind even more. But I know I can and will catch up eventually.