The Pirate Flag Fluttering at Miyaji

Key Events

Miyaji’s middle school is having an open day and team handsome comes to visit to see if Nagisa wants to go to school here. Following them closely is a reversed fighter.

After hearing that Gouki and Nagisa are at Miyaji, Kamui rushes to the school using them as an excuse to hopefully see Emi.

When they arrive, Gouki is reversed and has turned the school into a pirate recruiting ground. He uses Emi and Mai as hostages to lure Kamui into a duel.

During the duel Gouki forcibly gets his two teammates to reverse Emi and Mai but Kamui’s friends hide their deck and Rekka comes along to save them.

Kamui keeps thinking back to old times with Gouki and swears that he’ll bring him to his senses.

Key Cards Used

Nova Grappler Grade 3: Strongest Beast Deity Ethics Buster Extreme

  • [AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4: When this unit’s drive check reveals a grade 1 or greater card with “Beast Deity” in its card name, choose one of your «Nova Grappler» rear-guards, and [Stand] it.
  • [CONT](VC):If you have a card named “Beast Deity, Ethics Buster” in your soul, this unit gets [Power]+2000.
  • [CONT](VC/RC): Lord


Ha, Nagisa shy, now that’s something I want to see. And also I think the stranger thing is that Nagisa ran away when she sensed Kamui, not that she’s able to sense Kamui. I don’t find that surprising at all what with her constantly on his tail all the time anyway.

I think that it’s very likely that Rekka is the person who reversed Gouki who reversed the whole school. I would’ve been sure that it was Rekka if she didn’t come in at the end to save Emi, but even then I think it’s so that she can remain innocent in their eyes and ‘strike’ whoever her next target is without being suspected. Though she doesn’t really need that, which is why I’ve become a tiny bit unsure if it was Rekka as there was no reason for her to help Emi. Perhaps she wants Emi in her ranks rather than a pirate and regretted turning Gouki  reversed as she didn’t see him going after Emi. Not sure on her motives, but I’m still pretty certain she’s the reversed one.

I laughed at how team handsome’s Kaoru’s changed his random outbursts of what I still think sounds like ‘Japan’ to ‘Brazil’. Funny how he changed countries after becoming reversed, makes me suspect more that what he said before is ‘Japan’.

Some interesting flashbacks for Kamui and Gouki. We knew their story, but never got any long backstory to how it all started and stuff, so it’s nice again to give minor characters more of a third dimension. Nice to know they’ve had a close relationship and even now after parting ways for so long, still respect each other.

So yeah, still the mystery of Rekka here that needs to be resolved. Kourin’s been left hanging for now, but we’ll probably continue that when Kamui sorts out Gouki. Or perhaps Kamui loses and Aichi will have to sort everything. Either way is fine, and I’d prefer the less likely Kamui losing scenario and the entirety of Miyabi middle school getting reversed meaning Aichi’s group can come in to save the day. Emi reversed would be pretty good especially since it would contrast her personality so much. But yeah, that’s unlikely, so the other thing left is where Nagisa’s gone. As I said earlier, it’s strange that she ran away rather than greeted Kamui, which makes me think that Nagisa isn’t reversed and got away from Gouki. Though that wouldn’t make a lot of sense since she’s be the first Gouki targets surely. Either way, I think it’s likely we’ll see Nagisa play again whichever way the story goes. Unless she’s just hiding and then glomps Kamui after this win, assuming he does win. Very glad that team handsome is back, I even said quite a few episodes ago that I had hoped they’d involve some of the ‘forgotten’ teams like team handsome, got what I wanted for once. Enjoying this duel now and it looks like they’ll also show all of it, a surprise there.

Just want to give a quick comment on the key card I listed, Strongest Beast Deity Ethics Buster Extreme. Very nice card, it nearly makes Asura Kaiser obsolete. Basically it will make a large portion of your drive checks stand a unit or heal, assuming you have 12 stand triggers and 4 heals. If not then it’ll do something else too with the other triggers. But either way, you have a high likelihood of standing two units, if you load your deck with Beast Deity. That will chain into many other effects that Novas are known for. It’s strong, but because of that Beast Deity ‘limiter’ I definitely wouldn’t consider it op, if it was any grade 1, then it’d be op.