Tale 13

Key Events

Life returns to normal and Jun gets used to it very quickly. Back at work the store’s head manager comes to visit and is impressed with Jun’s way of handling the sales data and unimpressed that the manager left the report to Jun as the manager’s supposed to do it.

Saito’s drama group has asked Jun to join them formally as an artist helper and he likes it. Only one place he still doesn’t fit in at is university, but he still attends due to urging from Saito.

The head manager has a long chat with Jun about the good work he’s been doing and tells him that he himself is a university dropout. So there’s no need to worry about that. The current manager listens in and decides compliments Jun as well, but that results in being laughed at by Saito.

So now with everything going better, Jun’s faced with many decisions and choices. He has the drama club where he has a place, a career opportunity to go to manager level or continue with studies at university.

Back at home, white thorns pull away the replacement doll that belongs to Jun they used in the play that had changed to a plain doll since returning.

We jump to younger Jun’s world and he’s going to school again. However at school he falls down some stairs as we hear Kirakisho’s laugh echo out through a mirror and he’s taken to hospital.

Kirakisho then appears at Mitsu’s house and kidnaps her. Without anyone to turn to, the dolls call older Jun and ask for his help. They agree to meet in the n-field and hollie will show Jun the way.

Laplace’s demon appears and closes the door on this part of the story.


I’m still surprised at how easily Jun adjusted back into normal life without the dolls around, but I guess you would get back into things easily seeing as they only affected 1 week of your life. Also, very nice to see Jun finally getting what he deserves, some respect and appreciation for doing the work and the right thing. And with that one week, his life’s flipped completely. Only college stays the same but further education is but only 1 route into a job and stable life. He’s humble too, which we all love.

Largely enjoyed this, very few criticisms, however I do feel that the showdown with Kirakisho was lacking, the part where she arrived and the dolls fought at the play was good, but when she lost that, everything afterwards was unsatisfying, especially with the way she was finished off. She’s been unwanted and incomplete for that long you’d think something like what Jun said would only anger her, not destroy her. However now that I’ve found out that Kirakisho isn’t dead, it’s slightly easier to believe as that may be her way of letting out anger. But I still stick with that I think the showdown was lacklustre. It shouldn’t matter if it’s not the end of the anime, as it’s the end of this season and any ending should be better. Also if she ‘died’ convincingly I’d be pleasantly surprised to see her alive again.

Another thing was when it slowed down around the middle of the season with Shinku and Jun just kinda going about business as ‘normal’. Whilst the buildup was good, I think they could’ve sped it up a bit and had more time for a better finish. Apart from that, I thought it was paced nicely and a good continuation. Nice to see Jun as the main character for once and see how he lived his life, but of course always good to see the dolls back.0

After leaving all that for a couple of days, Jun’s back in contact with the dolls faster than he expects. He looks happy about it and why wouldn’t he, I think those mundane days are too boring for him after all.

So with Kirakisho getting another body which older Jun probably made, the battle will continue. When this is over perhaps older Jun will be able to ‘fix’ Kirakisho’s insanity and have her as his doll. I’d like to see that ending. Would be too sad to see Jun leave the ‘doll world’ with nothing. Though at least he’ll have improved his personality and confidence. And he’ll need it seeing as he’s the last man standing against Kirakisho now with her cleverly taking out everyone else one at a time.

Also, what I talked about before of Jun being a ‘doll maker’ sorta thing, could be true as Kirakisho stole that doll which I assume Jun made and can take control of it as her own body. So it doesn’t just have to be Rozen Maiden parts, perhaps what Jun makes is good enough for her to inhabit as well and that brings back my point of Jun being more than what we think.

So anyway, it’s been a very enjoyable series and good to know it’s not over yet, hope for the next season soon. After following older Jun for a season, I can’t wait to see him take a front seat in the fight against Kirakisho.